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How to advertise local business on TikTok?

It is often thought that major social media platforms are primarily used by major brands with huge marketing budgets. The truth is, smaller and medium businesses can also use this to their advantage. By using apps such as TikTok, brands are now able to reach more potential customers than ever before.

Still, reaching some people from your target audience are not valued the same. If your goal is to present your business to the locals, is TikTok really one of the channels that may help you with that? Moreover, if so, what is the best way to do so? Stick around and we’ll try to provide the answers to these questions in the article below.

Why TikTok Market Area Geo Tagging is a game changer for businesses?

The long coming news that TikTok will start implementing the new DMA Geo Tagging strategies for business accounts finally became reality. In total, TikTok now offers 210 DMA local regions, with the entirety of continental USA covered, as well as Hawaii and certain parts of Alaska. What does that actually mean?

Brands that use TikTok as a part of their marketing strategy will now be able to precisely determine what content will be shown to users based on their location. This local advertising move by TikTok opens the door for more personalized local marketing strategies. When you combine Geo Tagging with the ability to target users based on their behaviors and interests, it becomes clearer just how important this news can be.

Saving as much time and resources as possible should be the goal of every marketing campaign, and with these local targeting options finally arriving on TikTok, that can be achieved a lot more efficiently than before. This also opens up new advertising possibilities for businesses that have a local presence. Now B2B businesses that serve a local area, family entertainment centers (FEC’s) that have physical locations and even franchises can effectively attract their ideal local customers on TikTok.

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How to use Geo Tagging to create better marketing campaigns?

While local targeting is universally great for all businesses that call TikTok their home for advertising, some industries might find it absolutely essential. For example, let’s take brands that make seasonal products, such as raincoats. While the demand for these goods is high during the winter season, it drops to a bare minimum during the summer and spring in some regions.

Local advertising gives these businesses a chance to reach users from areas with wetter climates, or states where the need for this type of rain gear is high during the entire season. In this way, balanced sales figures can be maintained through the entire year.

However, businesses that don’t rely on non-seasonal products can also use local advertising to their advantage. By creating different landing pages for users from specific geographic areas, you can cater your services and offers to their sensibility. Additionally, you will be able to do so on a smaller budget, as you will have more options to set the parameters just right in order to reach your target audience.

Create great-looking videos with nothing more than your phone

What most people fail to realize is the fact that social media platforms are overfilled with overly produced content that simply looks fake, and therefore, does not truly resonate with wider audiences. The creators of TikTok understood that perfectly, and their insistence of organic yet simple and entertaining videos is what separated this app from the rest.

Because of its integrated video creation software, TikTok allows users so many filters, images, templates and music backgrounds to play with, that it’s impossible not to be blown away by its sheer variety of content. Not to mention the fact that you no longer needed access to a studio in order to create viral video campaigns.

On TikTok, your number one task should always be to create exciting and entertaining content that users would like to share. Sadly, there is no blueprint on how to create viral content, but if you let your creativity run free and try to remain as unique as possible, good things are bound to happen sooner or later. Now with TikTok local DMA regions, your TikTok ads can go virally locally where the local audience can best relate.

Reach your target audience in the easiest possible way

If your goal is to reach a specific group of people and leave a long-lasting impression, you will have to be creative in your approach and test out different strategies. Reaching out to influencers might just be what you need. These TikTok users have a large following, meaning that they can present your brand to the masses directly. No need for vast billboards and commercials any more.

Instead, your services or products can be used to make a series of challenges that other users will interact with. In no time, you can end up with a highly successful marketing campaign that requires no further promotion or investment from your side. Isn’t that better than paying huge sums of money to bombard people with ads nobody wants to see?

Leverage Influencers with Local Followings

TikTok has a large community of influencers that they call creators. Many of these creators have local followings. If you are targeting a local area, find the creators that have the largest following for that region. By having those creators make TikToks for your business that will naturally reach the audience in the area you are seeking. If your business has a physical location like a restaurant or a theme park you can have the influencer specifically reference the address of your business in the TikTok they create for you.

Get people interested in what you’re trying to promote

In order to create a successful business, there are many obstacles you are going to have to tackle, but first and foremost, you need to find a way to establish your brand local presence. If you fail to generate excitement and instant recognition about your products and services, you will never be able to create a sustainable business model.

Social media marketing can be a tremendous tool to help you achieve such a task. While Facebook and Instagram have been the choice of marketers for years, TikTok has quickly emerged as the new shiny competitor looking to shake up the known order. Now that TikTok can provide local advertising they are a force to be reckoned with.

In fact, compared to these two platforms, TikTok achieves some stunning results. For example, on Facebook and Instagram, viral posts are only seen by 5% and 5.5% of users who aren’t already following the page or users who posted the content. With TikTok, that number skyrockets to 18%! A larger number of views provide more possibilities for marketing and improved sales figures, and that is what businesses always strive towards.

Do local advertising on a smaller budget and get started ASAP

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to get started advertising locally on TikTok. Compared to some other apps, such as Facebook, TikTok is a place where you can achieve great results and allow yourself some room to experiment, while staying within the limits of your predetermined budget. A great idea and a team of people who know what they’re doing with local marketing on TikTok is oftentimes all it takes.

In case you need some additional inspiration or you simply want to have a team of professionals guiding you along the way, reach out to us and we’ll show you some neat tips and tricks on how you can make the most of your local marketing by creating a strong local profile on TikTok. Let’s have some fun and reach your local business goals together!

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