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Why the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program is important

The TikTok Affiliate Program is designed to help businesses get incremental purchases in a pay for performance model

The TikTok Affiliate Program gets approved TikTok Creators to make TikTok Videos that promote your product and drive orders through your TikTok Shop

The TikTok Shop Affiliate Program perfectly tracks which TikTok Affiliates are driving new orders for your products with TikTok Affiliate Marketing

You are able to choose the TikTok Creators that will make TikTok videos for your brand and you only pay for TikTok Shop Affiliate results through your TikTok Storefront

As a TikTok Affiliate Agency Partner GrowMojo Makes the TikTok Shop Affiliate Program easy…

We setup you TikTok Shop Affiliate Program, so you will get the best results and pay for only orders that the TikTok Affiliates drive for you through your TikTok Shop

Our TikTok Affiliate experts make sure that you are working with the ideal TikTok Shop Affiliates for your brand that will drive results

Our TikTok Shop copy editors write winning scripts for the TikTok Affiliates to ensure that the TikTok Affiliate videos represent your brand and drive orders

Our TikTok Shop Affiliate program experts make sure that the TikTok Affiliates are promoting your products that you want to sell

Our TikTok Shop account managers closely monitor your TikTok Shop Affiliate Program results to determine which TikTok Creators are your best TikTok Affiliates

As a Top TikTok Affiliate Agency we will grow your business using the TikTok Affiliate Program like we have for many other brands

Our TikTok Shop Affiliate experts make sure that you have a great great TikTok Affiliate Performance Score, so the top TikTok Affiliates want to work with you

As a TikTok Shop Affiliate Partner we directly work with TikTok to ensure that your TikTok Affiliate program is taking advantage of all new features and functionality.

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GrowMojo Specialize in All Areas of the TikTok Affiliate Program

  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Program Setup
  • TikTok Affiliate Center
  • TikTok Affiliate Marketing
  • TikTok Affiliate Commission
  • TikTok Affiliate Ads
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Recruitment
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Scripts
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Program Analytics
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Ads
  • TikTok Affiliate Brand Guidelines
  • TikTok Affiliate Program Scores
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Policies

GrowMojo is the Top
TikTok Shop Affiliate partner

We have established our reputation
as a leading TikTok Shop Agency

Why a TikTok Shop Affiliate Partner is important for your business

TikTok has selected a small number of TikTok agencies to be TikTok Affiliate Partners based on the past success of TikTok Shop Affiliate Program revenue for brands

A TikTok Affiliate Partner Agency receives ongoing support and training from TikTok, so we can ensure that your TikTok Affiliate Marketing grows and succeeds

TikTok Affiliate Program agencies are able to get clients unique TikTok funded affiliate promotions

A TikTok Affiliate Agency is trained for recruiting and managing the best TikTok Shop Affiliates

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Why you should work with
GrowMojo to optimize your TikTok
Shop Affiliate Program

  • GrowMojo is the top TikTok Shop Affiliate Agency
  • GrowMojo has TikTok Affiliate program experience in all TikTok product categories
  • GrowMojo understands how to best optimize your TikTok Affiliate Program Center
  • Our GrowMojo TikTok Copywriters will create winning affiliate video scripts for your TikTok Shop products
  • We will quickly resolve any issues with your TikTok affiliate program
  • Our TikTok Affiliate Marketing experts drive the most TikTok Shop Storefront conversions
  • Our GrowMojo Agency marketers get the most out of TikTok funded promotions for affiliates
  • GrowMojo recruits top affiliates and monitors the performance of their TikTok affiliate videos
  • GrowMojo delivers the best ROI for your TikTok Affiliate Program Ads
  • All of our TikTok Affiliate Program agreement are month to month

GrowMojo is the Top
TikTok Shop Agency
for TikTok Affiliate Videos

GrowMojo is the Top
TikTok Shop Agency
for TikTok Affiliate Videos

TikTok Affiliate
testimonial videos

TikTok Affiliate green
screen videos

TikTok Affiliate before-
and-after videos

TikTok Affiliate
best-sellers videos

TikTok Affiliate
unboxing videos

And other winning TikTok
Affiliate Marketing videos

GrowMojo will deliver great TikTok
Affiliate Videos for your brand

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