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Why YouTube
video marketing
is important

YouTube video ads have the opportunity to reach over 2.5 billion people

YouTube video ads are watched by 90% of adults in the U.S.

YouTube is the largest channel for brands to have their product or service discovered

The opportunity for companies with YouTube videos is huge…

Creating great Youtube ads is challenging and time consuming

63% of YouTube users say they purchased from a brand after watching a YouTube video

Optimizing for the right audience on Youtube is challenging

YouTube videos have a 60% higher ad recall than other platforms

Attribution tracking for orders or leads on Youtube is inconsistent

YouTube videos with a good Call-to-Action have shown to increase sales by 30%

Targeting both Youtube desktop and mobile users is complicated

One viral YouTube video can increase the audience for your brand by millions

Creating great YouTube videos is hard…

Understanding how the YouTube search algorithm utilized the text in your videos and the captions requires deep expertise

Knowing which YouTube categories are most important for your Brand is challenging

Staying up to date with the latest trends on YouTube is critical to optimize your video success

Targeting users with YouTube videos is complex to optimize for your ideal audience

Working with influencers on YouTube videos can be challenging to have success for your brand

Youtube Videos
Youtube Videos

GrowMojo makes great YouTube videos

We know how to use hooks to begin YouTube videos that get YouTube users to watch more

We are experts at using motivating calls-to-action in YouTube videos to get users to purchase

We work with influencers and creators to create videos that best represent your brand

Our copywriters understand how the YouTube algorithm values the text used in your videos and captions

We track the performance of your YouTube videos and keep making changes to improve the results

Accelerate your revenue
by 40% to 200%

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Why YouTube videos are important for your brand


Brands that have authentic videos that YouTube users value are able to grow an audience with high purchase intent.


YouTube videos that gain traction have social proof which enhances the conversion performance.


Brands have seen an large increase of awareness with successful YouTube video strategies that helps make your brand stand out from the crowd

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Why you Should
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  • Our team of video editors and copywriters create winning YouTube videos optimized for your goals
  • We have created successful YouTube videos in all categories for our clients
  • Our years of working with Influencers /Creators on YouTube videos gives us an unmatched understanding of what works
  • We are experts at converting your organic videos content into YouTube ads that convert
  • Our YouTube video clients see enhanced brand awareness and increased revenue
  • Our attribution experience ensures you have full visibility into the ROI of your YouTube videos
  • We are experts at optimizing the overlay text, music and special effects in YouTube videos.
  • Our YouTube video team creates the unique videos our clients need to help them beat their competition

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