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The opportunity for companies
on TikTok is huge...

1.5 billion
...More than
50% are
25 years
...74% of users have made
a buying decision
from TikTok users

Successfully advertising
on TikTok is hard..

...Custom videos are
...TikTok ads being
...Attribution tracking can
be challenging

GrowMojo Advertising Agency

makes TikTok easy

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TikTok Advertising by 40% to 200%

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TikTok Local and Zip
Code Targeting Expertise

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TikTok Search Ads Expertise

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TikTok Shop Expertise

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TikTok Advertising Policy

Improve TikTok Advertising Performance with TikTok Pixel and TikTok Events API Integrations

Correctly using the TikTok Pixel and TikTok Events API together has shown to decrease customer acquisition costs by 20% to 50%

TikTok events API consulting and development

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TikTok Advertising

TikTok has over 1 billion active users every day and continues to rapidly grow. Brands advertising on TikTok are growing awareness and acquiring customers.

The TikTok audience rewards brands for being authentic and creative. GrowMojo will create and implement advertising campaigns that your customer will love.

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Why Advertise on TikTok

Highly engaging users
spend 95 minutes daily
on the app!

TikTok is about half the cost
of Instagram Reels"

More than 63% of TikTok user are over
the age of 25 and 44% are over the age 35!

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How TikTok Advertising is unique

  • TikTok is the pace where people go “when they want to feel good”
  • The TikTok community rewards authenticity
  • TikTok allows you to tell your brand story in a sequence of ads
  • People are using the search on TikTok for recommendations and solutions
  • TikTok is influencing buying decisions more than any other platform.

TikTok Inspires Shoppers






Inspired me to find out
more about






Helped me decide
what to buy






Inspired me to shop
even when I wasn’t
looking to do so

Who we are helping win
with TikTok Marketing

Health &
Lead Gen
Food &

Why you Should
Partner With GrowMojo Marketing and Advertising Agency

  • We are an approved TikTok
    Marketing Agency
  • We have been advertising on
    TikTok since the beginning
  • Our unique understanding of TikTok helps
    our clients win big on the platform
  • People are using the search on TikTok for
  • We have experience advertising on
    TikTok in every key category
  • We focus on revenue and ROI for our
  • Our TikTok clients have seen their
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  • We do end to end video production

The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Advertising

Learn how to create viral content, target the right audience and use the platform to grow your brand

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TikTok Advertising FAQ

  • How to use TikTok for business?

    Businesses can leverage TikTok by:

    • Creating an account and posting organic content
    • Collaborating with influencers
    • Running paid Ads

    TikTok enables businesses to boost revenue by strengthening their brand and driving inbound traffic.

    You can use TikTok to:

    • Strengthen your brand identity
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Engage with your audience
    • Generate leads
    • Capture Purchases
    • Go viral.

    Due to the immense organic reach, businesses on TikTok interact with more leads, more affordably, and in less time.

  • How does TikTok advertising work?

    Organic traffic is not the only thing that businesses can hope for on TikTok.

    Even though a genuine and authentic approach is encouraged on the platform (both by the algorithm and the community), TikTok is also a powerful advertisement platform.

    Brands are advised to run ads that naturally blend in with the organic content on the platform. That’s because users themselves prefer genuine content to overly-produced ads.

    That's why it's best to make the ads look as native as possible.

    Brands on TikTok add a flair of creativity to increase the engagement rate of their ads and connect with their audience on a much deeper level than on other platforms.

    Personable and authentic content naturally sets the business apart from the competition, entertains the consumers, and makes them more open to interacting with the brand.

  • Which types of ads are there on TikTok?

    There are 7 types of ads that you can leverage to boost your conversions and brand awareness:

    1) In-Feed Ads

    These are called self-service ads because you can easily create them on your own through the TikTok Ad Manager. As the name suggests, these ads are shown in the user's feed. In-Feed ads allow your audience to comment, like, or use the sound from your video to create TikToks with a matching theme.

    2) Brand Takeover

    Brand Takeover ads pop up on the screen for a few seconds when users open the TikTok app. After that, they change into an In-feed video ad. They also appear on the “For You Page” as images, videos, or gifs with clickable links.

    3) TopView Ads

    TopView ads aim to increase brand exposure by interrupting and occupying the first In-feed post after 3 seconds. TopViews are 5 to 60-second videos that are shown in full screen with sound.

    4) Branded Hashtag Challenges

    Branded Hashtag Challenges encourage users to record themselves performing dances or doing something trendy in line with the product and posting it with a defined hashtag. These ads appear at the top of the discovery page. When users click on the hashtags, it leads them to the landing pages on TikTok and a collection of other videos from the same hashtag challenge. TikTok hashtag challenges start trends among TikTokers and boost engagement and brand awareness.

    5) Branded Effects

    TikTok Branded Effects allow brands to create ads with their custom-designed filters, stickers, or special effects. The Branded Effect Ad can last up to 10 days and it's a valuable asset when it comes to increasing user engagement as well as strengthening your brand identity.

    6) Collection Ads (still not available to all types of accounts)

    Collection Ads lead viewers to an Instant Gallery Page that you can create on TikTok to showcase your products. It's like a virtual collection of products that the users can browse without leaving the app.

    7) Spark Ads

    Spark ads are organic TikToks that are converted into ads, by importing them into the TikTok ads platform. A Spark ad can be an organic TikTok that is created by the brand, by an influencer or a customer. The organic TikTok can be imported into the TikTok ads platform with the permission of the organic TikTok creator.

  • How to use TikTok for marketing?

    An important advantage of TikTok over other social media is that your brand can go viral even if you have zero followers.

    As long as your content is in line with the platform's tone and as long as it appeals to the audience, you can get millions of views on a new video.

    Whether you're advertising, posting organic content, or just having fun, it's best to have a casual, personal approach to content production.

    Here are some general guidelines for marketing on Tiktok:

    • Get familiar with TikTok and become a consumer before you start creating content
    • Analyze your competitors to get creative insights
    • Analyze your audience and track engagement metrics on your (and your competitors’) posts
    • Specify your niche, make a branded channel and go organic
    • Post regularly (be open to experimenting with the times when you post and types of content)
    • TikTok algorithm rewards consistency just like other social media algorithms.
    • Be casual, personable, and genuine
      TikTok encourages brands to be authentic and original. Always keep in mind that neither the audience nor the algorithm favors overly produced and salesy content)
      A little humor can go a long way on TikTok so don't be afraid of a casual approach to content creation. Show your behind-the-scenes or in-the-moment content.
    • Partner up with influencers on TikTok's Creator Marketplace
      On TikTok, influencers are called Creators. The Creator Marketplace connects brands to the most suitable influencers. Make sure that the influencer you chose is someone who would have used your product even without being paid to do it. That way you will align with their target audience and make sales. Another thing to pay attention to are the number of followers, likes, and shares on each influencer’s page.
    • Experiment with different types of ads (see the FAQ above)
    • Use hashtags
      Hashtags allow your brand to tailor content to existing trends and gain traction from content creators' posts in order to enhance brand visibility.
      You can find hashtags by going to the TikTok discovery page.
  • Which engagement metrics should I pay attention to when creating TikToks

    You should pay attention to the number of shares, comments, and likes because these are the metrics that the algorithm takes into account when analyzing users' behavior. The more you post the more you will want to track the number of follower you have

    Of course, we're just giving you a simplified version here because TikTok's algorithm is more complex than what we just described. It measures screen time, scrolling and compiles data that's inaccessible to you. However, you should know that the algorithm's purpose is to promote ads according to users interests and behavior.

  • How do I boost engagement on TikTok:

    • Keep your videos between 21 and 34 seconds
    • Make the first 3 to 10 seconds especially engaging to grab the attention and avoid losing viewers
    • Always use audio and captions
    • Make your content positive and inspiring
    • Make it look genuine, casual, personable and authentic. Overly produced or professional content just annoys the audience on TikTok.