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The opportunity for companies on Google Search is huge…

90% of the worldwide search traffic is Google Search

5.5 Billion Google searches every day

400% better click through rate on Google Search Ads than other search engines

Successfully advertising on Google Search is hard…

Managing Google Search keyword campaigns

Successfully managing Google Search keyword campaigns can be complicated

Low performing Google keywords

Many companies overspend on low performing Google keywords

Accurate Google Search tracking

Accurate Google Search tracking is challenging

Target audience

Many brands waste money on keywords outside their target audience

GrowMojo makes Google Search easy

Our copywriters are experts on the Google responsive search ad copy that works

Our Google performance marketers build complex keyword campaigns that convert customers

We use the industry leading search attribution tools to be able to optimize performance.

The Google partnerships that we have ensures we are leveraging the last top performing strategies

Google Search Easy

Accelerate your revenue
by 40% to 200%

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Why Advertise on
Google Search


People searching on Google have the highest purchase intent


Google Search is the #1 most profitable advertising for most businesses


The average person uses Google Search more than 3 times per day

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Partner With GrowMojo

  • We do a free Google search audit for all our new clients to determine your best opportunity for growth
  • Our expert Google search marketers use the most profitable bidding strategies for our clients
  • Our team of copywriters create the best winning Google Search Ads
  • We understand the Google Search search algorithm to give you competitive advantage
  • Mobile Google Search is taking over and we create unique mobile ads
  • Our Google Search clients have seen their revenue increase by 40% to 200%
  • Our attribution experience ensures you have full visibility into your Google Search ROI
  • We leverage the latest Google targeting such as Google Performance Max to drive results
  • The Google Search ads we create drive the results our clients want to scale profitably
  • We monitor the search strategy of your competitors to protect your brand and to ensure you win

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