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Why the TikTok Seller Center is so important

The TikTok Seller Center is the hub of TikTok Shop growth opportunities for your brand

The TikTok Seller Center connects your business center and TikTok Ad accounts to the products you want to sell through TikTok Shop

The TikTok Seller Center provides you with the features and tools needed to best merchandise and market your products through TikTok Shop and your TikTok Storefront

The TikTok Seller Center is used to sync your products from your eCommerce platform to TikTok Shop and your TikTok Storefront

As a TikTok Shop Partner GrowMojo Makes the TikTok Shop Seller Center easy…

We setup you TikTok Seller Center including importing your products from your eCommerce platform and we add TikTok Product Links

Our TikTok Shop Seller Center experts make sure that your business is verified and approved by TikTok

Our TikTok Shop account managers make sure that you are included in TikTok Shop special opportunities and TikTok funded promotions

Our TikTok Seller Center merchandising experts make sure that you have winning product headers and detailed descriptions

Our TikTok Shop experts help you get verified, so your organic TikToks will have the TikTok Shop button

Our TikTok Shop account managers help you build a custom TikTok Shop Storefront, so your products stand out from the rest.

Our TikTok Shop experts make sure that you have a great TikTok Performance Score and get your suspended products approved

Our TikTok Growth Center specialists connects your TikTok Shop to your TikTok Affiliates, TikTok Shop Storefront, organic TikToks and your TikTok Ads

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GrowMojo Specialize in All Areas of the TikTok Seller Center

  • TikTok Shop Storefront
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Program
  • TikTok Shop Store
  • TikTok Shopping Ads
  • TikTok Product Links
  • TikTok Shop Coupons
  • TikTok Shop Marketing
  • TikTok Shop Featured Brands
  • TikTok Shop Product Feeds
  • TikTok Shop Performance Score
  • TikTok Shop Verification
  • TikTok Live Shopping
  • TikTok Shop Analytics
  • TikTok Shop Growth Center
  • TikTok Shop Shopify

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Why a TikTok Shop Seller Center Partner is important for your business

TikTok has selected a small number of agencies to be TikTok Seller Center Partners based on the past history of driving TikTok Shop revenue for brands

A TikTok Seller Center Agency receives ongoing support and training from TikTok, so we can make sure your TikTok Storefront and TikTok Shop products are successful

TikTok Shop Seller Center agencies are able to get clients unique opportunities for TikTok funded promotions and TikTok Shop Coupons.

A TikTok Shop Agency is trained for TikTok Seller Center integrations with Salesforce, Shopify, Segment, Sik, WooCommerce, and others.

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Why you should select
GrowMojo to optimize your
TikTok Shop Seller Center

  • GrowMojo is one of the best TikTok Shop Partners
  • GrowMojo TikTok Agency team has the TikTok Seller Center experience in all TikTok product categories
  • We understand how to best manage your TikTok Seller Center for your TikTok Shop Affiliate Program
  • Our TikTok Copywriters will create winning product descriptions for your TikTok Shop products, so your TikTok Product Detail Pages convert customers
  • We will quickly resolve any suspended or disapproved TikTok Shop products
  • We manage the sales and promotions in your TikTok Seller Center
  • Our TikTok Shop Seller Center Performance Marketers understand how to drive the most conversions through your TikTok Shop Storefront
  • GrowMojo TikTok Shop Partner expertise gets the most out of TikTok Shop Seller Center Coupons and TikTok funded promotions
  • We will optimize your Seller Center, so your TikTok Storefront stands out when users are shopping on TikTok and you are a TikTok Featured Brand
  • We optimize your TikTok Seller Center to capture more orders from your organic TikToks
  • All of our TikTok Shop agreement are month to month

GrowMojo is the Top
TikTok Shop Agency
for Integrations

  • TikTok Shop Shopify
  • TikTok Shop
  • TikTok Shop Segment
  • TikTok Shop Salesforce
  • TikTok Shop API

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