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The opportunity for companies on Connected TV is huge…

49 Million Gen Z
Connected TV monthly viewers

62 Million Millennial
Connected TV monthly viewers

183 Million Connected TV
viewers in the U.S.

Successfully advertising on Connected TV is hard…

Creating great Instagram ads requires experience to succeed

Creating great Connected TV ads requires experience to succeed

Instagram hashtag targeting and audience targeting is hard to master

The Connected TV market is highly fragmented which effects targeting accuracy

iOS privacy setting makes attribution from Instagram hard to track

Difficulties with measurement and cross channel attribution

Violating Instagram advertising policies can get your account banned

High number of Connected TV middlemen that want a commission on ad spend

GrowMojo makes Connected TV easy

Our video editors and copywriters create great Connected TV ads for our clients

Our Connected TV performance marketers are experts at targeting your ideal audience

Our own analytics specialists to ensure your Connected TV conversions are tracked

We ensure that you are always getting the best results for your Connected TV advertising budget

TV Connected Search Easy

Accelerate your revenue
by 40% to 200%

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Why Advertise
on Connected TV


82% of U.S. households have at least one Connected TV


57% of Media Buyers say that Connected TV is more effective than Linier TV


46% of Brand experts say that Connected TV is more effective at driving a positive brand perception

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Why you Should
Partner With GrowMojo

  • Our team of video editors and copywriters create winning Connected TV Ads
  • We have Connected TV ad experience in all categories
  • We understand the Connected TV algorithms to make sure your ads get seen
  • Other agencies waste budgets on Connected TV with poor targeting, but we make every dollar spent on ads count
  • Our Connected TV clients have seen their revenue increase by 40% to 200%
  • Our attribution experience ensures you have full visibility into your Connected TV ROI
  • We are experts at targeting every unique audience on Connected TV
  • The Connected TV video ads we create drive the results our clients want

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