Instagram vs TikTok: Which is better for your brand?

Not all advertising campaigns are made the same, as the ultimate goals can range from increasing the overall revenue, improving the brand recognition to gathering as many fresh leads that can become new clients as possible. Due to those reasons, it should come as no surprise that marketing experts are constantly searching for new platforms where they can maximize their reach and achieve the best results.

TikTok, as the freshest app on the market might be an ideal place to test new ideas and reach millions of users in the easiest way possible, but does that mean that Instagram has now become completely obsolete? 

Today, we will take a closer look at things that both platforms share and pay special attention to the differences that make them so unique. In that way, you will be able to figure out which option suits your brand the most.

How do Instagram vs TikTok compare when it comes to global availability?

With Instagram being the older app, plenty of people would think that it has a larger number of available languages than TikTok. However, the numbers speak for themselves. While Instagram only comes in 36 and 29 languages on Android and iOS respectively, TikTok can be found in 75 languages.

Why is this important? It goes without saying that most users like to use an app in their native language, and as things stand right now, it is clear that TikTok has done a great job with this. It gives it the ability to cover a wider demographic of users, and reach people from all areas of the planet. For brands that aim to establish a global presence, this is a very important quality to have.

Which platform is the better established one?

While it is true that Instagram currently has over a billion active users, TikTok is not far behind, standing at around 800 million. Good news for TikTok is that this number is constantly going up. If things continue to go in this direction, it’s a matter of months, before TikTok becomes the number one most used app in the world.

What is even more noticeable is the change in the average user demographics. In the beginning, most TikTok users were very young, but in time, the average age kept climbing up, as the app gathered attention globally. Marketers love TikTok because of the engagement they are able to create with the users, something that all other apps cannot match. So, while Instagram might be the most popular app today, it is a question whether or not it will be able to hold that crown for much longer.

TikTok allows brands to create their own culture

If you want to create a perception that your brand is perfect in every imaginable way, Instagram might be the choice for you. However, it’s not difficult to notice that this perfection is impossible to achieve and that it presents nothing more than a facade. Don’t get us wrong, this can still impress a large number of users, which is fine for many brands, but it prevents them from establishing a deep connection with their target audience.

On the other hand, TikTok creates a more relaxed environment, where users can let their creativity take over as they put their own twist to the original challenge. Due to that reason, most TikTok videos don’t have to be as professional looking. That means that the creators can produce their own videos, without the need to hire a complete team of professional videographers. Not only that this makes the entire process way quicker, it can potentially save a lot of money to smaller businesses as well, while achieving the same end results.

The differences are also noticeable when it comes to duration of videos

TikTok videos can last up to 60 seconds, which allows brands to display their creativity more freely compared to Instagram, where Reels are limited to 15 seconds. This gives brands more of a chance to capture the audience’s attention and promote the products and services in a more organic way, without being too strapped for time.

Where can you stand out more?

Because Instagram stayed in the public focus for quite some time before TikTok came along, it gave it a head start, and many brands flocked to the platform. As a result, it became increasingly harder to stand out among the competition.

TikTok was oftentimes viewed as a platform for younger audiences, where most of the content is not as serious. Consequently, a lot of brands avoided it, failing to see the advantages this can bring. By now, brands are starting to figure it out, and we see some truly amazing results from various TikTok campaigns.

If you ever considered using TikTok as your next social media platform for brand marketing, you might want to have a team of professionals who know what they’re doing by your side. At GrowMojo, we have already created several highly successful campaigns, which resulted in increased brand awareness and most importantly, improved sales figures for our clients. Contact us today and strike while the iron is hot, as there is no better time to start advertising on TikTok than right now!

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