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Learn how to use TikTok for business in 2020

TikTok is the latest trend that caught the world by storm, but is it only a good source of entertainment, or could it be something a lot more powerful? With the introduction of TikTok for business, intended as a perfect platform for product placement, is this networking service destined for greatness, and how can it be used to promote your brand in 2020? Let’s find out.

The first step towards creating a successful brand is understanding the product you are trying to sell and precisely determining your target audience. Gone are the days of paying top dollars for overproduced TV commercials, with most brands now leaning towards social media sites and apps in order to promote their services.

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Studio video quality is not as important as the content itself

This is the first stepping stone that prevents a lot of businesses to fulfill their full potential. Just because TV commercials are filmed with the latest cameras on professional sets, it doesn’t mean that the same rules apply for digital marketing as well. In fact, the situation is quite a bit different here. 

The marketplace is always tough, and no matter what your niche is, you’ll always have to struggle to make it to the top of the food chain. How can you make that journey a whole lot easier? By taking a stance and implementing a precise and direct plan of action, you will slowly work towards creating your brand image that will be instantly recognized. Choosing a proven marketing agency will give your brand the best chance of succeeding.

Don’t get us wrong, no marketing scheme is absolutely perfect from the start, and rules will ultimately always change as time moves on. The important thing is to always pay attention to your customer’s needs and slightly alter the course of your campaign, if that’s required.

On the other hand, video quality is still somewhat important, as no one likes to watch something shot in 360p anymore. Still, our advice would be to always focus on the quality of the content first, and think about the other stuff later.

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Do not neglect the hashtags and video challenges

Let’s face the truth, when using social media marketing, many people think that hashtags are the silver bullet. Well, there is no such a thing, but the fact is that these things can come useful from time to time. Keeping track of the latest trends is especially important with quick changing apps, such as TikTok.

Old heads might not approve of these trends, but it’s been a proven and effective way to promote a product to wide masses. Naturally, you wouldn’t necessarily want to use memes and smiley faces at any cost, especially if it doesn’t go hand in hand with your brand presence and services. There is always a way to hop on a new trend, but be very careful not to go too far in this attempt, as that might actually prove to be counterproductive. Using TikTok for business is fairly simple, but there are still some guidelines you need to be careful about.

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Influencers can push the TikTok for business to another level

The rise of social media gave way to people known as influencers. These individuals have a huge following, making their voice heard in the broader communities. More importantly, people who follow the influencers oftentimes belong in the same demographic, making it easier for the marketing experts to narrow down their target group, or avatar, as they call it.

Additionally, if popular influencers back up your services, they might appear to be more proven and valuable in the eyes of the customers. This seal of approval can sometimes be the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

Another great thing about TikTok is the Ads Marketplace section, where you can find some of the most popular influencers the platform has to offer. Not only that you can see the exact figures displaying their reach, but you are also provided with a clear insight into their follower base, which makes it easier to find the perfect match. The downside might be that this form of marketing won’t come cheap, but it can be highly effective in the end.

Use all possible advertising channels

It is possible to set up advertising campaigns in several different ways. If you feel like short stories that last anywhere from 9 to 15 seconds would present your services best, you should probably choose the infeed native content. That way, you will be able to measure the engagement and other parameters that determine the campaign’s success.

A more radical approach is the brand takeover, but it’s also a lot more expensive. For a more affordable option, companies can also turn to hashtag takeovers, a marketing plan that can reach millions of people around the planet, if done right. Finally, branded lenses are similar to Instagram and Snapchat filters, revolving around the brand’s recognizable features, which is a good way to strengthen the existing product.

Choose the right team to reach all of your business goals

Having a team of marketing experts by your side is essential in efforts to grow your business. A digital marketing agency, that has professional copywriters, graphic designers, video content creators, SEO experts and web programmers will place you in the best position to utilize all of the advantages that a platform such as TikTok for business has to offer. If you choose to work with GrowMojo, you will place your trust in the hands of a successful agency, that is solely focused on achieving the rapid growth of your brand.

We will help you reach your target audience in the shortest amount of time and present your brand in the best possible light, which will result in the increase of market share and revenue. Contact our marketing team and let us know how we can assist you, today!

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