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5 important facts about TikTok advertising!

The main goal of all marketing experts is to find a viable platform for product placement that offers the most rewards with minimal risk factors. That is why we always try to keep one eye open for the latest trends, and it’s safe to say that by now, everyone realizes that TikTok is the next big thing!

In order to master the art of TikTok marketing, here at GrowMojo, we took a look at a bunch of data that helped us to notice some truly interesting facts and trends. Here are some of our findings.

Vertically shot videos are the best option

With modern social media platforms, time is of the essence. The same rules apply to TikTok as well. Videos that showcase the main features of the brand during the first 3 seconds have a 63% higher conversion rate compared to those that have long intros.

With that in mind, we would always advise you to work towards finding a way to incorporate your brand right from the start, which can be quite a tricky task. However, if you simply cannot find a way to do so, at least you can shoot your videos vertically, as this gives you a better shot to increase the view through rates. 

According to the data we’ve gathered, the horizontally shot videos, or square videos are at a 25% disadvantage to the vertically shot ones when it comes to view through rates. Filming your videos vertically can also increase your average view time by 6 seconds! Let the numbers play in your favor.

TikTok influencers are not to be underestimated

In today’s culture, you can oftentimes hear people who simply cannot understand why influencers are important and what makes them so special. Truth be told, if you go back in time just 20 years ago, influencers were pretty much nowhere to be found, but as it happens, times are changing.

The power of influencers is best noted through social media platforms, where a single post or one brief video can increase the sales figures significantly. For example, on TikTok, the data shows that 21% of all videos that have the best view through rates feature an influencer. 

Just think about those numbers for a second. Despite having hundreds of millions of users worldwide, 1 of every five most watched videos still come from popular content creators. With the right team by your side, you have the best chance to quickly stand out from your competition. For many, that is a worthy investment.

Be careful about the captions you use

When it comes to captions, the main goal is not always to be as creative as possible. Instead, the focus should always be to keep things clear and concise. Looking at TikTok guidelines, where the max number of characters is limited to 100 also confirms this statement.

Even worse than not paying attention to captions is skipping them entirely. Stats show that more than 40% of the best converting videos on TikTok use captions. Because of that, besides focusing on making the fun and creative content, always put some time aside for captions as well. It can be a lot more important than you think.

Useful tutorials can serve as a gateway to millions of views

Educational content, such as tutorials can be a tremendous source of free publicity for your brand. With the most popular hashtags in the beauty and fashion niche reaching billions of views, this can be used as an ideal platform to advertise products, but also services, such as online courses.

Brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, but also Milk Makeup or ColourPop Cosmetics are already establishing a strong presence on TikTok, and their global success shouldn’t be all that surprising. TikTok allows them to bring the products directly to their target audience. Once that happens, it all falls on their creativity and the ability to turn those views into loyal customers for the future.

Addressing the viewers directly is the next big thing

Following popular trends has always been important in social media marketing, but when it comes to TikTok advertising, a new interesting tendency is beginning to take shape. We are talking about the need to address the viewers directly. In fact, 1 in every 3 most popular videos address viewers directly in the current days.

Why has this become so popular now? Well, as it happens, TikTok allows the content creators to have a tremendous insight into the demographics of users who are following their work. This allows them to tap into the specific niche communities, where they can create tailored content which will resonate with every specific user.

Hope that these findings will help you on your way to TikTok stardom. If you feel like your brand could use some help from the professionals, here at GrowMojo, we can promise you that we will use our knowledge to promote your business to its fullest potential. Give us a call or contact us via email and let’s grow your company together, starting today!