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Mistakes you are making with your TikTok ads and how to avoid them!

In the last two years, TikTok has taken the spotlight in the world of social media apps and keeps pushing the edge of its popularity every day. Thanks to the continual growing buzz behind the video-sharing platform, the app gains fans in more than 150 countries every second! TikTok is estimated to have more than 1 billion users and over 2 billion downloads, smashing the records and its competitors along the way reaching these marks.

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be on the hottest platform of the moment, both users and brands. Although using TikTok is so fun and easy for regular folks, marketers may hit a few bumps while trying to advertise their products and services to TikTok users.

The best way to learn TikTok advertising is to to learn from mistakes others already made! With the help of Vladimir Bestic, Senior Customer Acquisition Manager at GrowMojo agency, we prepared an overview of a few common mistakes of advertisers on TikTok and some expert tips on how to avoid them! 

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Using content not relevant for TikTok 

Each social network has its own, unique style. You wouldn’t share the same content on Instagram and Linkedin, would you?

And when we talk about TikTok it’s all about creativity and entertainment! “Content should follow the vibe and tone of voice set for the platform. Repurposing other content for TikTok will instantly get noticed, but not in a good way. Content must feel like it’s made for the platform”, Vladimir said. According to our expert, going straight to the point, giving your brand a voice relevant to your target audience, and following current trends is the key to the success of the content.

TikTok’s algorithm doesn’t work like one on Facebook

TikTok is all about young – young app, a relatively young audience and even younger advertising tools and platform. With so many new users landing on TikTok day-to-day, we can certainly say that the algorithm doesn’t have a big base of data about its users compared to other networks.

“It means that TikTok ad technology requires bigger investment during the learning phase before the algorithm figures out who can be a potential buyer for your product or service compared to Facebook”, Vladimir pointed out. 

Making a too small bid for your ad

As you may know, TikTok ads work as a bidding model for an in-feed video ad slot. Marketers often make a mistake and set their bids too low at the start of the campaign.

“For example, if you estimate that $15 is needed to make a conversion and reach ROAS of 300%, you shouldn’t go for a $15 bid for Add to Cart conversion, which is a common practice for Facebook or Instagram advertising”, as stated by Vladimir.

“The trick is to make a 3 to 4 times bigger bid at the start, and gradually decrease it during the campaign until you reach the desired CPA”, he revealed.

Starting campaign with insufficient budget

TikTok’s minimum budget for a campaign is $50 with a $20 minimum for ad groups. This minimum allows you to see results and ensure that your ads can reach your objectives. Well, in theory. In reality, Vladimir suggests to always leave additional room for algorithms “to learn” and find the perfect customer for your ad! So, if your projected bid for add to cart conversion is $20, you should set your budget at least 10 times over that sum. This way algorithm will have enough funds to discover and target the right potential buyers of your product or service.


But, as TikTok continues to grow in all terms, deciding to skip TikTok and its potential for advertising completely is the biggest mistake you can make as a brand. Marketing on TikTok may require a lot of patience, effort in creating a perfect strategy and frequent analysis of your performance to reach desired results on TikTok. Yet, testing new channels and learning what suits your audience will bring great results in the long-term. Also, consider hiring a specialized Tik Tok marketing agency like GrowMojo and take your TikTok presence a step further instantly. Feel free to contact us and with the help of Vladimir Bestic and the rest of the team get the best out of your ads in no time!

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