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How to pick the right TikTok creator for your brand?

Well-established TikTok creators who have a devoted base of followers can be a godsend to any business looking to promote their products and services. These people simply know how to generate excitement and provoke interest with a single video or by creating a challenge that calls out other users to join in on the fun.

However, with thousands of influencers that can be found on the TikTok Creator Marketplace, it becomes a question of who to choose and what parameters to look at when making that choice. Today, we will try to answer those challenges by letting you in on a couple of important clues you have to pay attention to when selecting a TikTok influencer. Here’s where you can start.

how to pick tiktok influencer

How to pick a TikTok influencer who fits with your business perfectly?

When choosing the best influencer for your brand, there are 3 qualities you should look into the most:

Authenticity – Influencers are very picky when it comes to endorsements they are willing to sign. Why? Well, on TikTok, authenticity is everything. Because of that, most influencers only look to support the products that fit with their style and the overall message they are trying to push. Naturally, brands should also stick to this tactic, as it presents the most proven way of achieving great results.

Trustworthiness – When selling a product, establishing trust is one of the main things. That is especially true for all types of online marketing plans. In this case, influencers need to believe in the quality of the product they are trying to promote, or they risk losing all trust between them and their followers.

Entertainment – At the end of the day, TikTok is a fun social media platform, and as such, people who possess a huge following should always have something new and interesting to offer to the masses. Still, on average, only 2 of 5 users who follow influencers claim that this quality is important. When someone is trying to sell you a product, it turns out that the entertainment factor is not exactly vital, but it definitely shouldn’t also be underestimated.

Do you always need to aim for the biggest possible influencer?

This is the trap that many people fall into. The rationality behind it is fairly simple. By reaching the biggest number of followers, they believe that it will give them the best chance of making larger profits. Unfortunately for them, it’s usually not that simple.

Influencers who have more than 1M followers are great for product promotion and getting your name out there. Big brands usually use these tactics to promote their new collections or products. If done correctly, it can substantially increase the profit a company is able to achieve. On the other hand, if you select to go down this road, do not expect to achieve tremendous conversion rates, and be prepared to take on a bigger budget.

Then you have the influencers who have anywhere from 500k to 1M followers. These content creators are able to generate good engagement rates, while keeping the budget relatively low. Working with them can provide a great testing platform, which can later be scaled up with no problems.

Ultimately, those who have 10K to 500K can also provide tremendous value to brands. These influencers tend to have a steady base of trusted followers, and if they manage to set up a quality campaign and use intriguing hashtags, your conversion rates can show tremendous improvements.

Make sure you know who your ideal customer is

Knowing your customer’s age, gender and spending habits is a crucial factor that allows you to create a strong marketing campaign. More importantly, you also need to know what desire they want to fulfill when buying your product. That way, you will know what emotion needs to be evoked that pushes them closer to you. An influencer who knows these details can create a much more delicate campaign that will increase your profits like you wouldn’t believe.

However, just because you know who your ideal customers are, it doesn’t mean you should only create content for them. By branching out occasionally, you expand the reach and increase the overall strength of your brand. Just make sure that you do not do it too often, or you risk burning a huge hole in your budget.

Hire a team of professionals to make the best choice for you

In business, perhaps the most important thing is learning how to delegate tasks to other professionals. In that way, not only that you will be able to save a ton of time and avoid unnecessary stress, but if you choose carefully, you will be able to increase your profit substantially, as you will gain a trustworthy ally to work together by your side.

If you decide to test the possibilities of marketing on TikTok, we at GrowMojo believe that we have the knowledge and experience to make your life a lot easier, while giving your business the best chance of success. Contact us today and we will make sure that your products and services will be presented to potential customers in the best possible light. All you have to do is to place your trust in us and reap the rewards of your hard work when the time comes!

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