3 reasons to include TikTok in your B2B social media strategy!

With the average age of TikTok users constantly shifting upwards and trending towards older audiences, it seems that now is as good time as ever for businesses to use this platform’s marketing potential. We have witnessed many successful examples of brands that were able to create a strong online presence on TikTok already, so what is their secret?

As you might have guessed, with a fresh and exciting new social media app such as TikTok, generating content that will capture the audience’s attention is the number one thing. Still, if you happen to own a B2B business, is now really the time to jump on board, or should you wait a bit longer until we figure this thing out? That’s what we’re here to discuss in this article.

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1. Access to new audience

Why use TikTok when you already have LinkedIn? To be honest, this is a fair question that deserves an answer. At the end of the day, LinkedIn is a platform built specifically for brands who want to establish a certain presence and communicate with current and potential employees and business partners, while focusing on establishing some core values.

We are not here to claim that TikTok can replace LinkedIn altogether. Instead, we believe that the two apps can be used simultaneously and for completely different purposes. TikTok offers plenty of great features that allow brands to track their user demographics, as well as the data regarding the videos they produce.

Another thing that separates TikTok from the rest is the sheer number of active users that keep coming back to this app. Latest estimates claim that over 800 million users worldwide use TikTok every single day. That promises a lot of free publicity for those who know how to harvest this to their advantage.

2. Less competitive landscape

There is a good reason for this too, as plenty of B2B brands are simply unsure how they can create TikTok videos that do not dilute their products and services. In B2B, establishing trust between two parties is vital, and it is usually not something that can be done in under 60 seconds. That is why most businesses aren’t even prepared to tackle this first, but still major, obstacle.

However, where there is a will, there is a way, and the fact that many are still not willing to test this idea can play to your advantage. Ultimately, while most believe that in business, logic always prevails, some studies claim that this belief might not be so true after all. With that in mind, before signing off on TikTok at the start, we ask you to consider the options on how you can make the most use of it and how you can adapt your brand to the platform’s demands. You may be surprised with what you’ll find.

3. TikTok allows brands to be more creative

You want to find a place where you can express your creativity without the fear of failing? Somewhere where you can make an occasional error from time to time, but get a second chance, because fresh content always rules? In either case, TikTok is the answer. There is a good reason why this platform became such a massive hit globally in such a short time. People as well as businesses, need a place where they can just enjoy and play around while letting their creative ideas flow.

If you dare to take a risk here, the consequences are a lot less severe compared to a platform like LinkedIn, where everyone seems to be on their best behavior all the time. Some brands simply enjoy this freedom, and you might as well.


Who thought that you could combine a serious business, such as the mechanical equipment and TikTok in order to make it work? Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. In case you wanted to give your target audience a fun way to interact with your brand, while allowing them to stay on their favorite social media app, check out this page. They have more almost 100k followers more than 500M likes and all that while creating content that revolves around big machines.

Your business can also become one of the success stories

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