YouTube Shorts vs TikTok – Understanding the difference

From its very first days back in 2005, YouTube has been one of the most popular places to get yourself entertained. Over the years, this pioneering video-sharing app has shaped thousands of genres that kept bringing people back to the platform and creators among whom some have become worldwide known stars.

It’s a place that launched first virals and countless more every day since that generation of people still remember and make references to it even to these days. It’s a place where you use to head to find answers. A place where you’d go to listen to your favorite songs on repeat even before the button for it was invented and before the widespread use of music streaming apps.

But, times change, and with the explosive popularity of TikTok and Reels, short-form videos that have taken the world by storm, an app that mainly revolves around video formats surely had to adapt to new trends. Additionally, the fact that enjoying YouTube is no longer reserved for laptops and desktop computers, and half of all YouTube watch times come from mobile devices were additional reasons why a new feature called YouTube Shorts was rolled out across the globe in July of 2021.

youtube shorts vs tiktok

What are YouTube Shorts and are there similarities to TikTok?

A new video type, as its name says, allows YouTube users to shoot, share and view vertical short-form content that lasts 60 seconds or less. This mobile-first and mobile-friendly feature aims to grab a piece of the currently most popular cake – vertical micro-videos that a number of social media platforms already got their hands on. 

For the creators, Shorts offers a completely new range of tools that are not available for their regular content. They can now capture, edit, and add music of the most popular artists or animated text, and much more right from their smartphones. Besides that, being highly discoverable all across YouTube, Shorts gives creators an entirely new outlet to increase their reach, and foot traffic to their channel and grow their subscribers count.

How to create YouTube Shorts?

There are two ways to make YouTube Shorts – create your video within the app or upload an existing or edited video from other channels. When you have the YouTube app, creating a Short is just one tap away and it’s pretty straightforward and similar for both options. So let’s focus on the one created from scratch.

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your mobile device and tap the plus sign + at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Tap Create a Short.

Step 3: Choose the duration of your Short between 15 to 60 seconds in the top right corner and start recording your video by tapping the red record button. To record multiple segments, tap the record button to pause recording, then tap it again to resume recording for your next segment.

While there, you can add special effects and elements through the toolbar on the right side of your screen where you will find the following options:

Flip: Flip the camera to use the front or back camera while recording

Effects: Choose different effects that change up your recording, like mirror images, motion trails, fisheye lens and more

Speed: Increase or decrease the speed of your recording—options are 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x

Timer: Set a timer when using a tripod or other form of self-recording so you can get into position

Green screen: Place a photo behind you while recording instead of your actual background

Retouch: Automatically touch up your video

Filters: Change the coloring of your video by adding a filter overtop your recording

Lighting: Adjust the lighting of your video to make it brighter or darker depending on the mood

Flash: Turn the flash on or off while recording

Step 4: Once you’ve finished recording, tap the checkmark to save your Short. It is time to preview your video, add some music to it, record a voiceover if you need one, or place text overlays and other things. Once you’re done, tap Next in the top right corner.

Step 5: Final step is to add a caption for your video, set visibility, and select an audience. After that, tap Upload Short to finish the process. Your Youtube Short is on air!

youtube shorts

YouTube Shorts vs TikTok- Why should you create one?

Whether you’re a content creator, a brand, or a marketer, this vital addition to your arsenal could be a great way to further engage your audience, increase awareness and monetize your hard work. The first rule of YouTube Shorts is that these little fellas aren’t just the shortened version of your regular content. They are ideal for reaching consumers that have a shorter attention span in a snappy, less polished, more direct and authentic way. 

But how should you start? What do people enjoy the most? The best way to gain knowledge is to explore the platform yourself and see what others have to offer in their stores. Even better one is learning in the flow of work. You will quickly find out where and how Shorts fit into your marketing strategy.

How-to, behind-the-scenes videos, reviews, teasers, tips & fun facts, viral trends and challenges, promoting events and updates – Youtube Shorts can take many shapes and forms. As long as you keep them relevant, engaging, and valuable to your audience, your channel and business will blossom! Watch those big brands, keep those first few seconds captivating, think wisely about those captions, analyze your results, and keep it snappy and up-to-date with the latest trending songs, hashtags and events are a few last tips we got for you. If you need additional help with setting up YouTube Shorts don’t forget that here, at GrowMojo, we have a whole team of experts specialized for these little beauties.

Feel free to contact us anytime regarding this or any other topic that may change the course of your business when it comes to performance in the ever-changing digital environment.

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