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TikTok vs Instagram Reels- Everything you need to know!

A couple of years ago, Instagram replaced Facebook as the new big social media platform, where users could share their photos and videos with the world. More recently, TikTok has brought a new outlook on videos, focusing on the short films, with a lot of fun challenges generated by the users themselves.

After noticing the popularity of TikTok, Instagram developers have tried to take a piece of that cake, introducing the audiences to the new feature, called Reels. Copying the competition is nothing new in the tech world, as it’s been done for years. Instagram Reels and TikTok videos have a couple of major differences, which allows them to co-exist simultaneously. Today, we will focus on the question of TikTok vs Instagram Reels, explaining the differences. If our mission turns out to be a success, you will clearly know the difference between one and another. Also, you’ll be able to distinguish which option works best for you. Without further ado, let’s check it out.

instagram reels vs tiktok

Instagram vs TikTok: Reel duration limits

The duration of reels and videos changes frequently so it can be difficult to keep track of. You’re probably wondering how long can reels be, on Instagram? 

Once limited to 15 seconds, the duration of Instagram reels has been significantly increased – you can now post reels of 15, 30, 60 or 90 seconds, which are the reset values you can pick from. The default is 30 and you can easily change it to less or more by tapping the “Length” option from the Reel menu. 

It’s possible that this change came as a response to the much more comfortable video length that TikTok offers. While 60 second videos on TikTok are considered long by many, they still fit within the assumed attention span of the average TikTok user. 

Now, there has been talk about increasing the allowed length of TikTok videos to five or even ten minutes, but this is still in the testing phase. 

In the Instagram vs TikTok battle for users, it appears that Instagram has understood that a 60-minute window allows for more space to explore creative ideas and convey the message. 

TikTok has a well-established audience, Reels do not

People use Instagram and TikTok for specific purposes, as there’s a reason why both of these platforms can coexist simultaneously. In the past, Facebook tried to push out TikTok, by testing their own version of it, an app named Lasso. Needless to say, things didn’t go their way, as they abandoned the entire idea fairly quickly.

This just goes to show how difficult it is to force all users to the same platform. People love to have the freedom of choice, and the slight differences between the apps, no matter how small they might be, are extremely noticeable. In this case, TikTok already amassed a huge audience worldwide, much to the despair of Instagram developers who are trying to lure the users to migrate to their new platform.

Instagram mostly pushes the trendy videos, while TikTok offers a huge variety of content

A variety of different entertaining videos can be found on TikTok, while Instagram algorithms work to provide you with the similar type of content you can catch on Facebook and Reddit and this is a major Instagram vs TikTok difference. Perhaps that is the main reason why the new users get used to TikTok so quickly, as they are constantly greeted with fresh videos each and every time.

On top of that, users can implement a bunch of effects and filters, which helps them stand out among the crowd. Because of that, they do not need to have access to modern filming equipment to make their videos look good. Even the most popular influencers oftentimes use nothing besides their phone to make the videos entertaining and pleasing to the eye.

mobile phone with camera

TikTok allows for more fan interaction which makes it more dynamic

Instagram allows users to comment on each other’s posts, but TikTok takes it to a whole different level. While commenting produces for some interaction, TikTok used all of the advantages that a platform based on video content can provide.

The older generation might not get the appeal of reaction videos, but it is apparent that younger users love filming and watching this type of content. TikTok does a great job to use this to their advantage. Their popular feature called the Duet, displays both the original video and the reaction one side-by side, which pushes the interaction to a whole different level.

By creating this action and reaction type of content, the original video creators can monitor the audience’s response in real time. It appears to be closer to a real conversation than a simple comment section, allowing the messages to be delivered more genuinely.

Ultimately, TikTok appears to be more organic than Instagram

On Instagram, everything appears to be precisely calculated, but on TikTok, it’s the users that get to decide where their creativity will lead them. That leaves a lot more wiggle room for marketing experts, which they can use to promote a brand in a less obvious way. At GrowMojo, we work together with a team of TikTok marketers order to create a winning strategy that will ultimately result in the growth of revenue.

In case you want your product to be promoted in the best possible way, feel free to contact us and we will implement our well-proven formula in to help you reach your goals. Do not be afraid to take action today and take full advantage of the modern era we live in.

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