TikTok Seller Center: Top Features and Products Set Up Steps

TikTok has become a well-oiled business-fueling machine and an advertising platform no business can afford to skip. TikTok Shop is one of the features that changed the game and made TikTok an even more powerful tool for brands and businesses, and today we want to share with you a recent addition to the platform’s eCommerce toolbox: TikTok Seller Center. Join us as we explore the most important features and show you how to set it up. 

What Is TikTok Seller Center? 

TikTok Seller Center is a dedicated eCommerce platform that enables businesses to sell their products through TikTok. It is a special tool designed by TikTok to allow merchants to easily manage, sell, and track products through TikTok Shop. 

For those who get confused between the two, TikTok Shop is the platform for promoting and selling products and TikTok Seller Center is a step forward on the platform that allows merchants to manage their operations, from orders and fulfillment to analytics. 

TikTok Seller Center is available for businesses operating in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Southeast Asian markets – Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Top TikTok Seller Center Features

TikTok Seller Center is designed to be a one-stop shop for businesses selling their products through the platform, optimizing the selling strategy and tailoring their content placement to maximize the reach among the target audience. 

  1. Full Shop Optimization

Through TikTok Seller Center, businesses can easily create an account, fill in their logistics details and customize their product listings. The items can be sold through the product showcase tab and in-feed ads can be launched to attract new audiences and re-engage the existing ones. On top of this, the shop can be customized to fit the business’s branding and voice. 

  1. Optimized Logistics

One of the things that make TikTok Seller Center a great solution for platform eCommerce is that users can set up locations where logistics services pick up (or return, when needed) the products. This means users don’t have to set up and handle the shipping process themselves, which is a massive time-saver. 

  1. Advertising and Marketing Options

TikTok Seller Center integrates with TikTok Ads to help businesses sell more by expanding their reach and optimizing the way they target potential buyers. 

TikTok Ads, as a platform, features rich strategy optimization options, various ad formats, advanced targeting features, as well as valuable insights reporting. There’s a lot to be said about making the most out of TikTok Ads, so make sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to TikTok Advertising

  1. Partnership Opportunities through TTCM

As we wrote in our piece on TikTok Trends, influencer collaborations remain an important pillar of success on TikTok (with certain caveats, though). The best way to go about this is through TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM), a platform that brings together creators and brands helping them connect and work together. To learn more about the TTCM features, types of collaborations and ways to join in, check out our Full Guide to TikTok Creator Marketplace

  1. Order Management and Payment Processing
tiktok shop payment processing

As a robust eCommerce solution, TikTok Seller Center platform includes order management features that allow businesses to easily process their orders, track shipments, and manage returns and refunds. This bypasses the need for a third-party order management system and streamlines the process, making it particularly easy for small and medium businesses to run their operations. 

In addition, TikTok Shop guarantees secure payment processing on all orders and supports various payment methods, from credit and debit cards to mobile wallets. 

  1. Analytics Features
tiktok shop analytics

As we mentioned earlier, TikTok Seller Center is an end-to-end portal for businesses in eCommerce as it provides analytics tools and in-depth insights that help brands tailor their strategies when needed. Real-time analytics track product views, clicks and sales, and businesses can use them to identify segments that require improvement. 

How to Set Up a TikTok Seller Center? 

At this point, it’s worth reiterating that TikTok Seller Center is available only in select markets. These include Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. So only if your business is registered and operating in any of these markets, you can go ahead and start your account. 

Step 1 – Creating a shop:  Start by signing in to the TikTok Seller Center for your region by entering your TikTok account credentials, email or phone number. The next step is to enter the shop’s warehouse or pickup location, complete with street address, postcode, contact person and phone number. At this point, you will also set a location for returns, which can be the same as the pickup location or a different one you set separately. 

Step 2 – Verifying the documents:  TikTok Shop requires businesses selling through the platform to verify their identity by providing relevant documents, which may include a passport, a personal ID or a driver’s license. For corporations, required documents also include a government-issued ID of the company’s legal representative, director or a person with significant control, as well as a business license, registration or other document that proves the business is eligible for selling via the shop. 

Step 3 – Linking the bank account: The Seller Center homepage features a section where businesses can enter the details of the bank account to which the payments will be made. 

And that’s it. With step 3 completed, you’re ready to start selling through the TikTok Seller Center. 

Now might be a good time to set up TikTok Ads through the Seller Center, too. The Ads section is located right there in the Seller Center dashboard. If you can see the Create Campaign or Create Ads option, it means you’re already connected and you can go ahead and start an ad campaign. Otherwise, you’ll need to connect your TikTok Business account, Ads Manager account or your personal TikTok account. 

Once you’re connected, click on the button Create Campaign, which will take you to the TikTok Ads Manager. Here, select “Product sales” as the objective and “TikTok Shop” as the product source. 

Wrapping It Up

If you’re part of the eligible markets, TikTok Seller Center should be your natural destination to start selling your goods on one of the world’s most popular social platforms. The reach is incredible and the potential for expansion is huge, so why wait? If the only thing stopping you is that you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – we got your back. GrowMojo is a certified TikTok marketing partner with a roster of experts ready to transform your eCommerce strategy. In addition to TikTok Shop advertising, as a full-service agency, we can help you with creating videos, set up TikTok Events API for you, and much more. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today and leverage the enormous pool of possibilities for growing your business through TikTok. 

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