9 Important TikTok Trends for 2024

As we dive into 2024, the TikTok landscape continues to be a vibrant tapestry of dance challenges, comedic sketches, and viral moments that capture the zeitgeist of the digital era. In 2024, TikTok will undoubtedly continue to act as a powerhouse for advertisers and growth marketers, presenting unparalleled opportunities to engage with a global audience. It’s been proven time and again that TikTok is not just a platform for trends; it’s a thriving marketplace for advertisers to make a lasting impact.

We gathered our TikTok performance marketing and growth experts and asked them what their predictions are when it comes to TikTok trends for 2024. Let’s see what they had to say. 

The Go-To Platform for Search

The president of GrowMojo Co., Kendall Fargo, points out that TikTok will continue to evolve the search functionality of the app. This will promote TikTok as a search engine that competes with Google. TikTok will also advance the search advertising opportunities for brands to capture customers with purchase intent.

Gorana Risteski, GrowMojo’s Creative Specialist, agrees that Gen Z has grown to see TikTok as a place for search, and not just in the “Google search” way – it is taking a big piece of the “search cake” from other platforms, too. We no longer look for ideas on Pinterest, but on TikTok instead. Step aside, YouTube tutorials – today we look for how-tos on TikTok. When we look for recommendations on what to see in a place we’re visiting, we search on TikTok, not Instagram, because it’s bound to have at least one informative and entertaining “5 Places to Visit in ____” video. The same goes for bars, restaurants, etc.

TikTok Shop as the New Amazon

As the platform continues to make big investments in TikTok Shop to make it a destination for finding products to purchase, 2024 will be the year that TikTok shopping starts to compete with Amazon.

Content featuring a product that’s accompanied by a link through which we can instantly buy that same product is not a new thing – this shopping model has long been present in the classic media (As Seen on TV, Teleshop, etc). Now it’s moving to a new medium, used by the new generations, says Gorana Risteski.

This is excellent news for brands as it can only help them grow their revenue, with minimum effort. TikTok Shop is actually not some complicated new feature they need to master – it’s just a  new form of an already proven marketing method. 

TikTok Local Continues to Evolve

Although the platform is absolutely massive on a global scale, its relevance on the local level should not be overlooked. As the president of GrowMojo points out, TikTok will make big investments in local content and services in 2024. With the rollout of TikTok Nearby and zip code targeting in 2023, the platform will take that to a new level in 2024 by making it easy for users to view localized TikTok content and purchase local TikTok services (like food delivery and home services). Businesses will be able to better target and engage with local customers. 

TikTok and AI

According to Mr. Fargo, in 2024 TikTok will likely use AI to enhance the experience for both users and advertisers on the platform. TikTok will use AI to “view” videos and understand the content, which will improve the For You feed and search functionality. TikTok will also incorporate AI Chat into the app, so users will be able to speak to the app to find content that best matches their interest.

TikTok Expanding Live

As for the Live features, TikTok has been incorporating live feeds into TikTok throughout 2023 and we see this as a continued emphasis for 2024. TikTok would like to become the source for live events and live news. This is the moment for brands to embrace the opportunity for live product releases, grand openings and live tutorials to connect with their audiences.

And, as Gorana points out, Live Shopping is expected to become a growing trend throughout 2024.

Enhanced TikTok Performance Tracking

Kendall Fargo, is looking forward to improved performance tracking capabilities in 2024 to enhance data tracking even as the world moves cookieless. TikTok has already been investing significant resources in TikTok Events API tracking. In 2024, the attribution signaling on TikTok is going to be even better thanks to SAN – Self-Attributed Network tracking. SAN is a separate network integration that works like this: when the app is installed, a unique ID and app code are assigned. SAN then checks app activity and matches it to the ID, which enables data sharing between the user and the advertiser, providing more accurate ad response data. 

This new functionality aims to drive improved results since more signals passed back to the TikTok algorithm means the better the algorithm will be at finding new customers for the brand. 

A More Realistic Influence

Another thing that Gorana sees as a significant shift in 2024 is the way TikTok users perceive influence. TikTok influencers, as we know them, are no longer going to be the main source of brand advertising. People no longer have blind trust in individuals with a large number of followers, whose advertising content on the platform already appears overly staged. 

In 2024, the main principle of TikTok content creation will be more important than ever: the more realistic, the better!

If a TikTok video makes us buy a product or service, that’s because it was made by an “ordinary person” just like us, not an influencer or a content creator who does it for the money. This, the most realistic influence, will drive engagement and purchase behavior across the platform. For brands, this may appear challenging at first, since it’s easier to find an influencer than to have a “regular person” promote it. But these can even be the brand’s own employees or customers, who can be the best ambassadors to represent the brand and to maintain the necessary relatability of the message.

Influencer Collaborations – Yes, But With Caution

GrowMojo’s Performance Marketing Director Marko Stupar agrees with Gorana: influencer collaborations are not history just yet, but it’s important to approach them with due diligence. Not every influencer partnership guarantees a high ROI; thorough testing is imperative to identify the right match for your brand ad product. Remember, while the right influencer can amplify your

message, alignment with your brand’s values and audiences is key to a successful collaboration.

A Brand Is More Than a Trend

We know that TikTok is all about trends. Keeping up with popular hashtags, challenges, dances and so on is vital for achieving virality and expanding reach, but here too brands need to be cautious. 

Occasionally, a highly popular trend can be leveraged, but from this point on, brand content on TikTok will be likely to shift far beyond just trends. In 2024, brands need to offer content that either educates or entertains TikTok users. They won’t be looking at brand channels that merely follow whatever the current trends are anymore. The value a brand must provide through video content is now more crucial than ever. Brands need to give people a reason to follow their account, and the only way to do so is to invest efforts into creating one’s own unique and recognizable content. 

Wrapping It Up

As we approach 2024, TikTok’s landscape promises exciting opportunities for marketers. From improved performance tracking and TikTok’s emergence as a shopping hub to its evolution into a bona fide search engine and focus on local content, the platform continues to redefine engagement.

AI integration, live features, and a shift toward authentic influences highlight TikTok’s commitment to user experience. Live Shopping is set to trend, providing a direct link for brands to engage with their audience, while prioritizing authenticity and brand alignment.

The safest way to navigate these trends successfully is to connect with TikTok marketing and growth experts. Get in touch with GrowMojo and we’ll ensure your brand not only adapts to changes but thrives in TikTok’s dynamic landscape, from creative aspects to technology. Let’s make TikTok the key player in your 2024 success!

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