TikTok Search Ads – A New Journey!

TikTok has shaken up the social media industry in recent years as it has rapidly grown to more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. This helped the platform to quickly arise as a place to engage new, younger consumers, causing its’ rivals to launch their short-form video offerings such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

That is why the first and original short-form video app, which first launched ads in 2018, has constantly been adding new ways for marketers to reach out to their target audience. Advertisers now have a big opportunity to create and promote their businesses in captivating and versatile ways. 

TikTok almost has it all. But, according to Insider Intelligence, TikTok had less than a 2% share of the worldwide digital ads market in the last year. This means the platform will continue to find solutions for brands and advertisers while undercutting their biggest rivals in terms of revenue potential. The latest option and tool to expand TikTok’s ad arsenal are Search Ads.

tiktok search ads

What are TikTok Search Ads?

It’s quite simple. An ad format that enables advertisers to target their desired audience with short-video ads using specific terms and keywords. Most agree this will soon prove to be a great way for reaching people with higher purchase intent and a powerful addition to each and every TikTok marketing strategy.

These social video ads will appear within the search function among the top four results to those who search for a particular content. They will also include a “sponsored” label.

Through their Ads Manager, advertisers will be able to expand their campaigns to specific queries. This includes the option to add negative keywords per ad group, commonly used to help manage performance and for brand safety optimization.  Match types (broad, exact, phrase, etc.) are also supported.

Ads Manager now includes two additional options: Ad Type and Search Terms. These two new dimensions can be added to reports, allowing teams additional visibility into their search ads performance, crucial from an TikTok SEO standpoint. Reporting will provide insights to analyze top search terms, alongside relevant metrics such as cost, impressions, and more.

Should you consider TikTok Search Ads?

Besides being an amazing manner to introduce yourself and respond to the needs and problems of TikTok users while putting your products or services right in front of them, there are more reasons why TikTok search ads should be the next thing on your marketing strategy bucket list.

While TikTok remains the ultimate venue for the latest trends, entertainment and discovery of new things throughout the world, the platform is quickly climbing the ladder of the most used search engines, too. More and more Gen Zers are turning to TikTok’s powerful algorithm to find answers to their questions. Queries like recipes to cook, films to watch, how to do things and where are nearby places to eat are becoming common things. You no longer have to „Google it“, you can simply „TikTok it“.

TikTok continues to build up their advertising capabilities, and search ads seem like a step in the right direction to becoming a one-stop shop for content and advertising! These ads are just another part of the well-designed plan to dominate the digital world – and for brands, they could offer major benefits. 

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