How to use TikTok to promote your FEC business?

Are you an owner of an FEC business? Are you wondering how to use TikTok in order to turn your family entertainment center into a complete success? Is the hottest social media platform at the moment just not your thing? Not sure where or how to start?

Don’t worry, don’t panic, we got all the answers you need to promote your FEC business on TikTok! But, let’s start with baby steps and introduce the star of our article!

For most, TikTok needs no introduction. But, if it doesn’t ring any bells or this is just some lip-syncing app that teens love, be sure it’s much more than that! In a nutshell, TikTok is a fun, entertaining place! Defined as a short-form video-sharing social network, it revolutionized the video creation and sharing process turning viewers into creators and giving everyone a chance to seek for their 15 seconds of virality! The ocean of addictive content keeps people hooked to their screens for hours watching random videos and its popularity shows in every possible top chart regarding the social media world. With an estimated 1 billion monthly users strong at the moment after just a couple of years of its existence, TikTok is now rewriting the world of social media as we know.

But how does all this match with the needs of an FEC business owner? Let’s find out!


Your target group is right there!

The FEC businesses revolve around family. And there’s no family without children! Gen Zers, how everybody calls them today, were born between 1997 and 2012 and currently are ruling TikTok! Currently, around 60% of all TikTok users are Gen Zers. So, if you are an FEC business owner or marketer, this social network should be your top priority! Gen Z are digital natives, a population increasingly worthy of attention. And you can reach it on TikTok because almost everyone is there. Manage to show yourself in the best light to them and you will surely get the attention of the whole family!

Let’s not forget to mention FOMO, because this is a key driver for millennials to jump on the bandwagon with Gen Zers on TikTok. Their percentage should not be neglected, but keep in mind that these generations have a completely different point of view in terms of fun and entertainment, so make an adequate approach for both of these target groups!

There are already many channels of TikTok FED content of entertaining videos of people of all ages enjoying trampoline parks, water parks, climbing walls, go kart racing, bowling and obstacle courses. Your audience is already hooked, so you just need to convert them with some good TikTok advertising.

TikTok is a lot more budget-friendly than its competitors!

For those interested in numbers, our colleague Vlad, Senior Customer Acquisition Manager at GrowMojo, provided some insightful information on what to expect in terms of costs for advertising on TikTok. “The main factor that dictates CPM is what you choose as an objective for your campaign”, Vlad said. Based on his experience, he pointed out that prospecting traffic CPM on TikTok are in the low single digits , conversions and conversion rates are high.s. On other social platforms, these strategies are more expensive, sometimes up to 20 times compared to TikTok. 

In this case, lower price doesn’t mean a smaller reach or number of conversions. TikTok is a relatively new marketing platform, so nobody has to worry about intense competition to get a spot on TikTok. Even smaller brands can afford presence on this network through in-feed, short video ads format and get a great value for their money! 

It gets even better with their latest feature – Market Area Geo Tagging! Now brands can control what type of content is shown to users based on their location, making marketing activities even more efficient than before. This is absolutely essential for businesses like FEC or any other type that rely on their physical location.

Add a handy integrated Video Creation Kit and the perfect algorithm on top of that and there’s another reason to consider a TikTok as a number one in your marketing strategy.

Organic content can get you far, too!

The divine aesthetics, perfect pictures and high-budget videos just don’t work around here! Leave it for your Instagram page. Here, all you need is your phone and imagination! Using TikTok’s editing options and creative tools will provide you with vast opportunities to express your business in so many appealing ways for users! Be original, be brave. Post frequent, engaging and relevant content. And don’t be afraid to experiment in order to find what suits best for your brand! Good content, created by unwritten rules of TikTok, can get you much farther than thousands of bucks spent on a wrong creative. Hashtag and music challenges, unexpected duets, the latest memes and much more stand at your disposal to put your businesses on the map in your town and even globally!

Over and out!

To fully understand what TikTok is and its true potential, one has to really experience it. Because TikTok doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon! Get familiar with the app, enjoy yourself and learn how to wield it to promote your FEC business in a way that suits this potent advertising platform.Much like in the case of the FEC, TikTok can be a perfect match for all kinds of small businesses. If you still don’t get along with the app itself, but truly believe in and understand the potential of TikTok, feel free to contact us. With the help of the marketing agency specialized in TikTok advertising you will be able to get the most of your promotional activities in no time! Also, our team is at your disposal for any additional questions!

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