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Best practices for brands to create killer content for TikTok

With the young and engaging global user base it possesses, TikTok presents one of the best social media platforms for marketing. Some of the biggest brands in the world, including companies like McDonalds, Walmart, Mercedes-Benz and the Washington post have already figured this out, as they posted more than 12,000 videos thus far. These are just a few examples of brands that have become TikTok famous.

What makes a successful TikTok brand’s content so appealing to users, and what practices can you employ to join in on this elite company? That is what we’re about to discover today. But first, what is the factor that makes TikTok so appealing to businesses?

Data shows that TikTok is the best social media platform for marketing

Good TikTok videos reach even the users who aren’t following you. In fact, the stats show that viral TikTok posts on average reach 18% of the people who aren’t even included in your target group. This data is especially staggering when you compare TikTok to Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media websites.

For example, on Facebook, you can on average reach only 5.5% of users who aren’t following you already. If you think that’s low, wait till you hear that on Instagram, that number goes down even further to 5% on Instagram stories. Engagement rates are also tremendous on TikTok, standing at 8%, while Facebook and Instagram can only boast 0.09% and 1.6% per post. With this data in mind, it’s not difficult to see why many people consider TikTok as the ideal platform for marketing that will only grow stronger as time moves on.

Your TikTok video needs to be direct and concise

Because trends on TikTok can change in a matter of days, if not hours, keeping up with everything can seem like a chore. Do not fall into this trap. What you can do instead is focus on the TikTok user who will watch your video, try to put yourself in their shoes and create something that’s unique and fun.

If you have to explain your TikTok video idea by using more than one sentence, you know you have a problem. The content on TikTok needs to be quick-hitting and it needs to be intriguing to other users right from the start. This doesn’t mean that you cannot allow yourself to be creative and playful, just be mindful of the ever-shorter attention span the users have and try to be as clear and concise as possible.

A good thumb stopper moment is half the battle

Do you know what a thumb stopper is? This term relates to a specific moment in time when a user stops just mindlessly scrolling through a bunch of videos and decides that the current frame is something worth checking out. Suddenly, the user’s focus rises and they become fully locked in on the content at hand.

It goes without saying that the thumb stopper moment can be the difference between a successful campaign and the one that gets completely forgotten about. In order to create it, you have to find a way to generate suspense, evoke surprise or find any other way to capture the curiosity of the user. If you ever got that feeling that you simply have to click on the thumbnail “to see what happens”, you know what we’re talking about.

Reach out to other brands and creators and make sure to tick all the boxes

You don’t always have to be the one who is the conversation starter. At times, try to switch your approach and join in on the fun others have already created on TikTok. If you ever feel like you ran out of ideas, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out and producing fresh content alongside others.

The most important thing is to generate interactions through your TikTok videos and there are plenty of ways in which this can be done. Easy-to-read descriptions that deliver the content to your audience also play a huge role on TikTok. Furthermore, do not neglect the sound because the videos that have catchy tunes always have a greater shot at going viral.

Look for inspiration in other fields

“Have you found an amazing coffee shop TikTok channel on TikTok?”, says Gorana our TikTok expert. “And you for example run a candles business? That’s terrific! You can actually use different fields for inspiration. No boundaries here. Creativity can be found anywhere and the best part? You can implement it and connect it with your own brand. So be open to different stuff on TikTok (and most importantly follow them), you never know when you’re going to get a rush of inspiration from some content.”

Always use the analytics and adjust your content accordingly

A lot of people think that creativity is the only factor that separates the successful TikTok creators from those that quickly get forgotten. Indeed, there is some truth to this statement, as it’s not easy to create new and exciting TikTok videos time and time again. However, there is another factor that many fail to grasp, and it relates to analytics.

By looking at the data, you can clearly see witch hot TikTok videos reached the biggest audiences, where were you able to generate the biggest engagement and what content went viral. Eventually, if you try long enough, some patterns will begin to emerge and you’ll be able to create a plan for your future creations. Not only will this help you grow your brand even further, it will also allow you to create a unique brand presence on TikTok with a clearly defined set of values that will separate you from the crowd.

Most important of all, always remember to make this process as fun as possible. In case you want to speed up the process that ends up with your brand being one step ahead of the competition, or you need a little help to get there, contact us at GrowMojo and we’ll be happy to share our TikTok knowledge and expertise to help your brand stand out.

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