Using AI to Upgrade Your TikTok Marketing

The world seems to be amidst an AI craze – everyone from marketers and creators to developers, small businesses to mega corporations, is either developing AI or looking for ways to use it to improve their business. TikTok is no exception. The platform has introduced several AI-based tools available directly from the app, and there are third-party solutions that can be integrated to help creators (and marketers!) improve their reach and ROI. 

A TikTok AI revolution is underway, so let’s explore some ways you can implement machine-learning tools to up your TikTok strategy. 

ai tools for tiktok

Use TikTok AI tools to create avatars

Although this feature hasn’t fully rolled out yet (it’s testing in select markets), it seems that TikTokers worldwide will soon be able to use generative AI to create fun and engaging TikTok avatars. 

Once it becomes widely available, this tool, which will represent an app within the platform itself, will allow users to select from three to 10 photos that the AI will then work on to generate up to 30 avatars. 

Obviously, these avatars will be complex and extremely fun – nothing like flat and rudimentary Facebook animated avatars, for instance. 

The app is similar to Lensa, albeit with less features, of course, since Lensa is a premium tool. Nevertheless, those who have tried TikTok’s tool were pretty impressed with the possibilities. 

Avatars created using the AI art generator from TikTok can be uploaded as profile pics or shared to their followers. This image generator will probably not remain limited to avatars alone. Creators can use it to manipulate and experiment with any image they like, and to use the result in their TikTok content. 

AI Greenscreen: a text-to-image TikTok AI tool

As users wait for the avatar generator to roll out worldwide, there’s a readily available AI effect they can start experimenting with right now – the AI Greenscreen, available via TikTok Effect House. 

This tool uses textual prompts to create all sorts of images that can be used for video backgrounds, hence the “greenscreen” in the effect name. Because of TikTok’s strict content restrictions, the filter is rather basic. The platform didn’t want to give users a chance to create content that goes against the community guidelines. For that reason, some prompts will yield abstract results, thus helping avoid graphic, explicit or violent content. 

However, if you feed the generator with “normal” prompts, it can give some pretty fun and interesting outputs, like “Exploding flowers in the galaxy” or “Cowboy swimming underwater” and so on. You can get backdrops that fit the subject you’re posting about and that way create more engaging content, with added value. 

Other AI art generators for TikTok

Creators and marketers who want to explore more AI options for generating visual content for TikTok can also check out DALL-E 2. One of the first art generators to become massively popular, DALL-E 2 was developed by Open.AI, the company behind the ChatGBT chatbot. 

It is a tool that creates both realistic and abstract art based on user prompts, combining styles, techniques, concepts and other elements, to create unique artwork that can be downloaded and used in your TikTok videos. 

Another interesting option you can use for backdrops, avatars and other still image uses in TikTok is Midjourney. This tool is particularly useful for high-quality, high-resolution photorealistic imagery, which makes it particularly suitable for product marketing. DALL-E 2, on the other hand, may be a better solution for experimenting and producing highly creative images, which is why so many TikTok creators like it. 

Video creation AI tools for TikTok

Creating quality videos for TikTok comes naturally to some, but for others, with less proclivity or free time on their hands, it can be a chore. Again, we have AI coming to the rescue, with a selection of AI tools designed to help TikTokers create engaging and fun video content. 

  • Nova A.I. is a simple and efficient online video creation and editing tool. Among its features, there’s a TikTok Video Maker tool, designed to help everyone create professional-looking videos. It includes all the essential tools for trimming, merging and resizing videos, adding sound effects and more. The videos can easily be repurposed for sharing on other platforms, too. 
  • Then, there’s the popular InVideo. What sets this tool apart from the others is the remarkable collection of available video templates. Furthermore, InVideo offers features that help users create a conversion-driving video strategy. AI-powered script generator helps users come up with compelling text, and there’s also a feature that turns blogs into videos. 
  • For those who don’t like being in front of the camera, there’s Colossyan, a video generator that uses AI actors. This tool is designed specifically for online learning, but considering that a lot of TikTok content constitutes some sort of instructions, tutorials and other know-how content types, Colossyan can be a terrific solution for TikTok creators and brands alike. In addition to a nice selection of templates and actors-avatars, Colossyan also has rich localisation features with 120+ languages. 

Create video concepts using TikTok AI Script Generator

TikTok has recently added a new tool to its arsenal of AI solutions to improve video strategies and content. The Script Generator can be found in the app’s Creative Center, and it serves to give users video concepts and ideas based on a few simple prompts. To use this tool, simply go to the Creative Center and select Script Generator. Enter your industry and your niche, product or service name with a short description, any keywords you’d like to use, and select the video length. 

The tool will then generate several script ideas that include a description of what’s going on in the video, audio and visual cues, a hook, and a call to action – basically anything you could need for a successful product video. 

Like most AI tools, this one shouldn’t be followed blindly – creators and marketers must fact-check the content and make sure everything is correct and functional. Still, as far as ideas and inspiration go, Script Generator can turn out to be pretty useful. 

Improve your ad copy using third-party AI tools

Creators and marketers who struggle with copy (wording, efficiency, ideas or consistency) should check out a few AI solutions aiming to help users create better ad and content copy. 

We’ve already written about how ChatGPT can help with your TikTok strategy – your captions, hashtags and content ideas. This tool, however, can also write your TikTok copy for you. 

Again, the success of the output will depend on the quality of the prompts given. For best results, creatives and marketers should try to be as specific as possible. 

If you’re making a product ad, the prompts should include the purpose of the ad (reach new customers, for instance), a short description of the product and a value proposition, as well as a call to action. It’s also a good idea to have the AI highlight the benefits of the product, in order to set it apart from the others.

If the initial result doesn’t work for you, you can ask ChatGPT to create another one, perhaps adding another prompt or explaining your idea better. You can even tell it to give you several ad ideas for the same product and then pick the one that you like best. 

Once you’ve approved the concept, you can tell ChatGPT to write a full script for it. 

ChatGPT is probably the most popular and widely used AI copy generator, but it’s not the only one, or even the best one, for that matter. is a premium tool for copywriting and content creation. It combines several AI models, including ChatGPT-4 and Anthropic. One of its biggest benefits is the fact it learns from your existing copy to make sure its output has a consistent brand tone and voice. It can even use several tones, depending on the audience and purpose. Plus, it helps with SEO and makes sure grammar is impeccable. 

Another popular tool is, which not only helps write copy across all digital marketing channels, but also has a designated feature for producing TikTok content ideas – for free. 

If you’re a fan of Google products, you can also check out Bard, another conversational chatbot. Unsurprisingly, it works by pulling information from the web, and it may be a good solution for information-based copy, such as lists and rankings, tutorials and how-tos. It’s currently available in English, Japanese and Korean but some 40 languages are promised to be added soon. 

Get Better Results on TikTok than AI tools can deliver!

AI tools can sometimes backfire and cause more damage than good. Specifically, they can cause your ad creatives, or your entire campaigns, to appear derivative, generic and bland. When too many people use the same tool, it tends to yield the same results. To prevent this from happening and to make sure you’re making the most out of the TikTok AI tools, get in touch with our team of TikTok marketing experts. Together, we can identify the best tools and solutions for your specific needs and craft a TikTok campaign that maximizes your ROAS.  

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