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How ChatGPT Can Help Your TikTok Strategy?

Ever since Open AI launched ChatGPT in November 2022 (and made it available for free, to everyone), there has been a lot of talk about the possibilities of this chatbot. Is it the real deal? Will it replace me at my job? Is it sentient? Can it write poetry? Can it do my homework? You’ve probably tried ChatGPT out of curiosity yourself, to get an idea on how it works and what it can be used for. Whether you love it or you’re rather unimpressed, the fact remains that ChatGPT really can do a lot. But can it be of any use for your TikTok marketing and advertising strategy? That’s what we’re about to find out. 

how chatGPT can help your TikTok strategy

What is ChatGPT

GPT stands for Generative Pre-Trained Transformer and this name indicates that it generates responses based on algorithms and existing content, using transformation and attention. This deep learning model uses publicly available information to answer prompts and queries by humans and produces answers that feel very natural and human-like. It is, essentially, a chatbot with a very, very wide area of expertise – it knows basically everything. 

It seems so far that ChatGPT can be used for providing information, translating text, writing simple, basic articles, answering emails or writing cold emails, for customer service and for automated writing. 

It cannot be used to generate racial or sexist slurs, which is a major improvement compared to previous chatbots of this kind. Another thing that sets ChatGPT apart from other similar solutions is the fact it remembers all previous conversations and learns from them, becoming ever more efficient, precise and eloquent. 

It’s clear that ChatGPT is a fun and potentially very efficient tool. TikTokers are crazy about it. As a hashtag, it’s trending big time, and there’s really a lot of content about using it to write songs and school essays or to get advice.  But can it be of any actual use for TikTokers in terms of a successful and converting TikTok marketing strategy? We believe it can, and here are some of the things it can help you with: 

Use ChatGPT to pick your TikTok hashtags

Hashtags are essentially TikTok’s most important mechanism. Content becomes viral through the use of hashtags, and people use hashtags to discover new content. Hashtag targeting is an excellent way to gain new followers and boost your brand presence. When posting new content, picking the right hashtag is essential. TikTok hashtags are also a valuable tool for TikTok advertising. Sometimes we may hit a plateau and run out of ideas for hashtags, or we may simply be unsure whether a hashtag we picked will perform well with our target audience.

We were wondering whether ChatGPT can be used to pick the right hashtags, so we played around with the bot for a while and we were quite impressed with the results. We asked the bot for hashtag suggestions for a post related to the beauty industry. ChatGPT not only produced a rather long list of suggestions, but it also elaborated on each choice, explaining which hashtag would be most suitable for a specific kind of post. It even included some advice on how to use the hashtags properly to avoid seeming spammy.

tiktok chatGPT

Use ChatGPT for TikTok post captions

Another thing where many TikTok marketers might need help is coming up with the perfect caption for a post. Captions are not as vital as hashtags, but they are still important as they round up the post and give it the right final touch. 

With captions, we not only provide additional information on what the post is about – which is particularly important for products and services – but we also set the mood and the vibe around our brand. 

ChatGPT can help you not just with the phrasing – it can also teach you how to properly market your brand and the product in your captions, too. The bot understands that your captions should include three essential pieces of information – brand name, product name and product type. 

chatGPT to create post

Out of ideas for posting on TikTok? Ask ChatGPT

On TikTok, consistency is key. That, and frequency, too. Brands are supposed to post at least once per day, and ideally up to three times per day. This can be a little overwhelming. After all, it’s not easy to come up with fresh, exciting and engaging post ideas day in and day out. Sometimes you’re bound to hit a dry spell, when you simply don’t have any idea what to post. 

ChatGPT can help you with that. Your query should contain details on the sort of industry or niche you’re trying to post in, and any additional information, such as product or service type, should help the bot return as specific results as possible. Of course, the bot isn’t a wizard and can’t read your mind nor assume anything about your branding and your previous posting history. But it may come up with ideas that you can actually use. 

ideas for using ChatGPT

Let ChatGPT help you talk to TikTok clients

If you’re getting comments and replies on your TikTok posts, you may want to carefully consider the way to reply to them. Communicating with the users is crucial for brand recognition and reputation, so you will want to try and answer all comments and questions. In case you’re getting a lot of them, you may be needing some help, so why not try ChatGPT? 

Simply feed the bot with the comment you received and ask it to come up with an answer. You may want to tweak the results a bit in case they don’t match your brand tone perfectly, but we found that the bot actually does a fine job at formulating the answers. 

In fact, customer service is one of the areas in which ChatGPT seems to be doing best, and more and more brands are using it to handle communications with their clients. There are still some accuracy issues but the bot seems to be very good at nailing the tone of communication, especially when you feed it adequately. This means that the more information you provide, the better it will do. You can always tweak the results with more prompts, and you will be getting even better answers. 

ChatGPT support

How can you start using ChatGPT for TikTok today? 

Right now, ChatGPT is free and available to everyone. There’s no app or software you need to install. Simply head over to the Open AI ChatGPT website and sign up, after which you’ll be able to use it freely. 

When it comes to TikTok, you’re not limited to the uses we described here. Feel free to experiment with the tool, and you may find other exciting uses for the chatbot. Note that ChatGPT is still in early phases and the developer occasionally takes it down for upgrades and maintenance. In addition, due to extreme popularity of the tool, the website is experiencing occasional periods of downtime due to too many server requests. You just need to be patient and come back to check if it’s back up. 

If you’re interested in promoting your brand, reaching new audiences and finding new, exciting venues to direct your ads, TikTok is definitely the thing you need. Contact our team of TikTok marketing experts today and find out how you can leverage the power of this immensely popular platform to your benefit. 

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