Top 10 Best TikTok Agencies in San Francisco Bay Area

As the home of some of the most successful companies in the world today, San Francisco is the place where it all happens – not just in IT but in marketing, design and innovations. It is the center of the digital world and the home to many, many companies and agencies trying to make it in the exciting, ever-changing digital and social media landscape. 

San Francisco also boasts an impressive number of companies working within the TikTok ecosystem – from consulting and branding to analytics, ad management and performance monitoring. To help you navigate these busy waters, we’ve compiled a list of the best TikTok agencies in San Francisco, and we also have a handy guide on how to choose a TikTok marketing agency you should consult before you make your call. 


GrowMojo is a TikTok agency that brings a welcome breath of fresh air in the agency ecosystem – accountability. Founded and run by highly-respected San Francisco based growth professionals with a long track record and plenty of industry experience, GrowMojo offers a wide range of services covering customer acquisition, conversion funnel and re-engagement. All of the processes are run with full transparency and optimizing return on ad spend in mind, keeping the client in the loop with how the agency runs their TikTok growth. 

GrowMojo has been involved with TikTok and its astonishing rise since the beginning, and understands just how tricky TikTok advertising can be. Having used TikTok for advertising since its earliest days, not only does it help brands avoid pitfalls like ad rejection, difficult attribution tracking and creative aspects – it also custom-crafts specific, razor-sharp strategies tailored to perfection for each brand. GrowMojo also has its own team of TikTok video editors and copywriters to ensure that all TikTok ad creative is a competitive advantage for their clients. As an approved TikTok agency, GrowMojo has direct insight into the TikTok policy, which is a major asset considering how challenging the guidelines can be. GrowMojo not only has extensive experience with ecommerce for brands on TikTok, but they are also considered a pioneer with TikTok local marketing.

GrowMojo combines their TikTok advertising leadership with deep Google and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) expertise. With its unique experience and end-to-end service range, GrowMojo is the ideal partner for any business focused on both brand building and revenue growth. 

Founded: 2018

Service focus: Full Service Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization

TikTok services: End-to-End Video Creation, TikTok Ad Management TikTok Nearby, Audience Targeting, Attribution Tracking, Policy Expertise


Those looking for an agency that excels at influencer management should check out NeoReach. The agency has created a proprietary database called Tikscore, which monitors the platform and identifies the best-performing influencers, as well as top trends, music, hashtags, and more. It then uses these insights to create brand strategies, with goals defined by the client (better reach, faster ROAS, brand recognition, visibility, etc). 

What sets NeoReach apart from other agencies is its wide network of influencers. Not only does it help businesses find the best influencers and ambassadors for their brand, it also manages the entire process, from sourcing and communication, negotiating and signing contracts, to creating and deploying campaigns. Finally, NeoReach also takes care of performance reporting, with valuable insights that help modify the campaigns if needed. 

Founded: 2011

Service focus: Influencer Marketing

TikTok services: TikTok Influencer Sourcing and Management, Performance Reporting


With three headquarters – in San Francisco, New York and Paris – Obviously is, well, obviously an agency with an impressive growth trajectory. The agency specializes in connecting brands with TikTok creators and influencers, and influencer marketing services. Obviously boasts impressive 67k+ influencer collaborations and 227k+ unique pieces of content created. What’s also impressive is the client roster Obviously has worked with, which includes Google, Converse, Lyft, Campbell’s and Panda Express. 

In addition to keeping a huge database of influencers, Obviously also offers content creation and campaign management services,. The agency’s main focus is the TikTok influencer ecosystem, but it also offers Instagram and YouTube-related services. With a deep understanding of the social media landscape, Obviously can be a valuable ally in creating custom-tailored campaigns. 

Founded: 2014

Service focus: Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing

TikTok services: Influencer Outreach and Management, Custom Campaigns, Content Creation

Passionfruit Creative

Passionfruit Collective is a sustainability and social impact agency, started by a seasoned team of marketing professionals with a passion for giving back. The agency works with clients who share their goal of making a positive change in the world, and the core focus is on sustainability. In addition to environmental campaigns, Passionfruit Creative also crafts strategies and campaigns for brands and non-profits working in the field of social justice, change and improvement. 

The agency develops creative agencies and part of its services is focused on TikTok campaigns and working with influencers and creators. It helps brands not only get their message across, grow their audience and boost the revenue, but also to highlight the socially and environmentally responsible elements of brands and their identities. It is definitely not an agency for just any brand, nor would it be willing to work with any brand, but businesses with a sharp focus on responsibility and social accountability should definitely check it out. 

Founded: 2020

Service focus: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Development

TikTok services: Creative Strategies, Influencer Management, Content Creation

Impet Group Creative

Impet Group Creative describes itself as a “scrappy, unique creative agency with international roots and an American heart” with a close-nit organizational structure and a passion for supporting business growth. Strategy, design and development are the main service fields. The agency portfolio includes brands like Sharpie, Ballantine’s, Sephora and Sopockie, and its main services include branding, UX and web design, video production and marketing. 

Social media marketing is not the sole focus of Impet Group Creative, as their focus is more on creative aspects, but the agency does offer extensive social media management services. It has a dedicated team of social media mavericks that helps brands increase their reach across multiple platforms, including TikTok. The agency guarantees to craft perfect TikTok strategies by targeting just the right audience for each brand. 

Founded: 2014

Service focus: Branding, Design, Development, Marketing

TikTok services: Marketing Strategy, Content Development

Jives Media

Jives Media is a highly regarded marketing agency that’s been around since 2012 and has won a considerable number of industry awards for its work.. Jives Media offers services across all areas of digital marketing: paid advertising and SEO, email and search engine marketing, web design, MBA brand strategies and, of course, social media marketing. It has 16 offices across the USA and 16k customers across the globe.

While Jives Media doesn’t specialize solely in TikTok or in social media in general, it employs teams of professionals with an in-depth understanding of the platform, its culture and its audience and offers turnkey solutions for TikTok marketing. That includes setting up accounts and identifying goals and target audiences, setting up ads and helping brands create captivating ad creatives and copy, along with optimal ad placement and, of course, performance monitoring. 

Founded: 2012

Service focus: Full Service Digital Marketing

TikTok services: Business Account Management, Ad Campaigns


AdTribute is a team of “Big-Picture Thinkers,” with a disruptive approach and a proprietary 7-step process. The agency crafted this process with a unique approach to research and information that is then used to deliver highly specialized campaigns for each business and brand. AdTribute has worked with Nissan, Lyft, Wish, Logitech and Decathlon, among others. Its services include paid social, video marketing, SEM, Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, creative services, reporting and analytics. 

AdTribute does not specialize in any specific niche – its clients come from fields such as apps, tech, eCommerce, health, fashion, beauty, gaming, food and hospitality, and many others. As for TikTok, AdTribute helps brands build a presence on the platform, helps with setting up the account, ad placement and targeting, and its services also include analytics and performance tracking. Although not a specialized TikTok agency, AdTribute can be a good choice for larger businesses. 

Founded: 2019

Service focus: Performance Marketing, Full Service Media Planning, Social Media, Paid Ads

TikTok services: Campaign Ideation, Creative, Ad Management, Analytics

Formula Design

Formula Design is a web and graphic design and branding agency. In addition to logo and packaging design, interactive, motion and print design, it also works with social media marketing, helping businesses build a strong social media presence on all the most popular platforms, including TikTok. 

While Formula Design may not be a good choice for businesses looking for an end-to-end TikTok strategy or a full-service TikTok partner, it can be of great use for anyone who needs assistance with branding and design, ad creatives, copy, various effects and other visual aspects of TikTok ads. 

Founded: 1997

Service focus: Branding, Web Design, Motion Design, Marketing

TikTok services: Design, Branding, Marketing Strategy


Started in Beirut, Lebanon, Xpandable is an agency that today has several headquarters, including one the very center of the digital realm – San Francisco. It’s a full service digital marketing agency helping clients with everything from starting a website and creative branding to SEO, SEM, and social media management. 

As for TikTok services, Xpandable helps clients start and grow their presence on the platform, raise brand awareness, reach new audiences through targeted campaigns and grow their revenue through custom ad campaigns. Xpandable is a good choice for brands that need social advertising strategies across multiple social media channels, as TikTok is not their sole area of focus. 

Founded: 2013

Service focus: Social Ads, SEO, SEM, Video Ads, Branding, Web Design

TikTok services: Marketing Strategy, Ad Placement and Management, Performance Monitoring

Urba Media

Urba Media is a young, fresh, innovative and disruptive social media marketing agency with one sole goal – to help brands go viral. Understanding that these days you can’t get anywhere without influencer marketing, Urba Media handles everything from influencer sourcing and negotiating, through campaign ideation and management, to performance monitoring. It also offers full digital ad services, and can take care of your social media content. 

Urba Media can handle your ad creatives and placement, testing, ad budget optimization and retargeting. It is particularly effective with eCommerce brands, a field in which it promises a 1000% ROAS. Some of the brands that have worked with Urba Media include Papa John’s, Wow Chicken, Panda Express and Mercedes Benz. 

Founded: 2017

Service focus: Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Digital Advertising

TikTok services: Content Production, Ad Campaigns, Influencer Management

So there you have it – if you’ve decided to use TikTok to grow your brand, expand your audience and increase your sales, San Francisco is a place you’re bound to find a partner at. TikTok advertising is an exciting field, but one you can’t navigate by yourself. From local businesses to luxury brands, an experienced and knowledgeable agency like GrowMojo can help any business set its goals, find the target audience, implement a failsafe strategy and monitor its progress without a hitch. Give us a call and we’ll help you make the best possible use of TikTok ads’ amazing potential. 

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