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How Luxury brands can find success on TikTok?

Like many fashion and beauty brands have done throughout the years in the past, TikTok set the latest trend for luxury brands that swiftly pulled in millions of users across the globe, and made every serious competition in the social media arena almost instantly implement short-form videos in its content arsenal. Thanks to TikTok, today we can enjoy Reels on Instagram or immerse in an endless pool of YouTube Shorts.

Now, with its enormous force of 1.5 billion active users, TikTok continues to bully the biggest social media rivals and rewrite the rules of what is right or wrong to do in order to create quality content!

Great music, even better entertainment, viral trends that transcend the boundaries of one social platform, and a chance to show the true side of users’ creativity are just some of the highlights that TikTok brings to the table of a new era in social media communications for luxury brands. Naturally, many things and people found their perfect place in this inspiring environment while fashion and beauty became one of the hottest topics people tend to post, watch and interact with. But, there is a skepticism if TikTok is really fit for everything and everybody. For example, is there room for luxury brands to jump in and find a way to their potential customers in the era of rising social media marketing costs?

Today, we are breaking down all the potential opportunities that these companies have on TikTok and which fields are the most important for your success in this emerging medium for advertising!

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Consider your target group

A few years ago, it was a well-known fact that TikTok is reserved for Gen-Z-only. But, as TikTok is growing up, so are its users. If we look closely at different data available from Statista, over half of the users are older than 25. Millennials, and even some older generations, thanks to the fear of missing out and new quality standards for entertainment on social media are becoming active users of TikTok, which fits perfectly for any luxury brand.

As of Gen-Zers, especially if we talk about those at the end of this generation, they are the most „responsible“ for the content revolution we are experiencing now. More importantly, they are starting their respective careers now. Their spending power cannot be longer ignored, as Bloomberg reports young students and professionals now command $360 billion in disposable income. Also, let’s not ignore the fact that even younger zoomers can be attracted to influence their parents or siblings in specific shopping decisions. As they reinvented the online habitat, soon this generation will reshape brand strategies because of their habits, so they should be on the radar in near future for every luxury brand out there.

There are tons of opportunities for creating content

Keeping in mind your target audience is important, content still remains a king! On TikTok, the community has been from the very start all about creativity and authenticity, knowing how to pay respect to the creators who know how to share their real-life experiences, expertise, knowledge and bring a fresh twist on widely relatable subjects.

In other words, TikTok quickly became a place where there is no space for old-school marketing disliked by many, no matter the age. For luxury brands, with their traditionally polished, highly produced, slick and sterile style of communication, this might seem like a problem. The way people interact with brands is in never-ending evolution, so brands must do the same. With a plethora of options to find a way to the „hearts“ of the users, you must be brave, relevant, entertaining and straightforward to the audience. Only this way people will return the favor for the good content.

Besides standard opportunities like hashtag challenges, viral trends, promoting user-generated content or using the hottest songs of the moment, that work for any company, there are specific moments for luxury brands that could share with the community. Share live events, premiere the latest products on TikTok, show backstage of the latest runway show or photo shooting, or open important topics like diversity or inclusion. The choice is yours, and the possibilities inexhaustible, especially if you consider famous content creators and influencers to collaborate with on these projects.

Rise of e-commerce

Social shopping continues to explode. Since the first steps, partnership with some of the biggest online shopping platforms out there, TikTok continually works on turning itself into an e-commerce giant and bringing new ways for businesses and merchants to sell their products and services through this platform.

Various ad formats to boost online shopping have been introduced on TikTok. In-app ad formats like Dynamic Product, Lead Generations and Collection ads, numerous tools for content generation, improvements on the process of finding a perfect influencer through Creator Marketplace, and many other small, but important features that can create sales can benefit any brand, luxury ones, too.

Your path is already paved!

Prada, Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Lexus, Fenty Beauty. These are just some of the names of luxury brands that managed to make a splash with their entrance on TikTok and, almost instantly, grab the attention of users around the world. Campaigns like #AccidentalInfluencer by Gucci, #MonclerBubbleUp by Moncler or cardigan challenge by JW Anderson are just some of the examples of how TikTok should be used for luxury names and that it is possible to achieve staggering results both in terms of brand’s image and sales.

TikTok may be a hard game to play, but with originality, consistency and creativity you will always win. Also, with the assistance of an agency specialized in digital marketing on TikTok, you can ensure you will take steps in the right direction in order to build your social media presence on TikTok, be part of the latest global trends, and engage with your audience. So, feel free to contact our team of experts here at GrowMojo and let’s enter the competition in capturing the attention of the users with high-end and inspiring content that fits your brand perfectly!

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