How to set up TikTok Collection Ads?

It’s no secret that TikTok means business when it comes to attracting brands and companies from various industries to its platform. Over the last few years, following the exponential growth of users, TikTok is constantly working on creating ways to integrate e-commerce and give businesses new opportunities to monetize their presence on the platform.

TikTok has recently introduced some fantastic features for advertisers that seek means to refresh marketing strategy and reach out their target groups on the platform. One of the hottest prospects from TikTok’s offer is definitely Collection Ads. Today, we are giving you an overview of this highly recommended TikTok ad format and break down, step-by-step, how to set it up swiftly.

So, what are TikTok Collection Ads?

These ads allow targeted users to go through products in a full-mobile screen format and allows you, as a business, to showcase what you have in offer for them during this in-feed video. Thanks to an engagement in a natural, genuine way with products, Collection ads easily outperform many other options at your disposal. With the unique combination of TikTok attributes with product recommendation algorithms that can deliver personalized offers relevant to each user, brands can create an immersive experience that sparks their interest and leads to potential sales.

The key feature of these ads is the TikTok Instant Gallery Page, a place where interactive elements of your ad lead to. Here, they can go through products without leaving the app and easily access them on the website to complete the purchase. Now it’s time to create your own!

tiktok collection ads

Setting up TikTok Collection Ads

There are two main steps in creating Collection Ads.
Everything starts with assembling your Catalog. Using this feature on Ads Manager you will be able to easily manage information such as images, videos, sizes, descriptions and many other important characteristics. There are 3 ways to do this- you can manually add your products by filling out a form, upload online files or use or use the help of templates. To do so, access Assets in your TikTok Ads Manager and choose Catalog. After creating one, add products by clicking on the left-hand menu button named Products. There are 35 optional parameters you can provide out of which nine are required by the template. A catalog is not a must for Collection Ad set-up but comes in really handy in the second part of the process. 

The next thing you have to do is to Create a Campaign by choosing traffic or conversion for your advertising objective. Set your website as the promotion type, add a tracking pixel and create an optimization event. Selecting the same location as your product catalog’s targeting location under the Placement & Targeting sections is required. After that, specific elements of the campaign such as demographics, interests, devices, budgets & bid optimizations are totally up to you and your preferences.
Now is the time to Create Your Ad by selecting Ad Setup and choosing Collection Ads as the attachment experience. Provide necessary details such as display name, ad text and video for the ad itself. The final act is to create your Instant Gallery Page by simply clicking on Create Instant experience where you can access the editor. You can build your gallery through an already existing catalog or by manually adding products. Publish your ad, wait for review and you are good to go!

Let’s not forget to mention that each product in your Instant Gallery Page will undergo an ads review process. You can check the status and eventually if some of the products do not pass the review, edit products in your catalog or from Instant Gallery Page.

Now, it’s up to you!

Collection Ads brings a highly engaging and immersive experience to the users of TikTok. This may seem complicated, but this is the main reason why this format is so successful and brings exceptional results to businesses that have the will and courage to use it. The ability to bring the right products, at the right time, to the right people, and with the right delivery has never been easier!

This was a full guide through Collection Ads. But, if our walkthrough doesn’t seem like a walk through a park to you, don’t be worried. You can reach out to our team of experts here at GrowMojo that will gladly clarify any confusion in the process If you feel like you need some extra guidance through these steps. Find your place under TikTok’s sun with our help and wield the power of creative and innovative ad formats that wait to be used to take your business to the next level.

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