Is Google Performance Max or TikTok Advertising Better for your Brand?

For every marketing campaign, before making any important move, there’s a lot of thinking to be done before that. Thanks to the plethora of options at disposal of decision-makers, we can certainly agree that today’s same goals can be achieved in different ways. So, the main question is which platform will bring the biggest return on investment? Should you go for something more old-school yet reliable or be more avant-garde and use some of the modern-era options to reach your desired target? And, why not, let’s be more specific. Is Google or TikTok the right choice at the moment?

Not so long ago, probably, everybody would declare the most popular search engine a champion. But, with billions of downloads and active users to its name, TikTok has gained such popularity that no marketer can take their eyes off it. Core Google services have been shaken by the latest social-media star, including Search and YouTube, because of the growing preference of younger users to use social media and videos as the first stop to discovery. Still, every Internet user is a Google user.

That’s why today we will take a closer look at things that both platforms share and pay special attention to the differences and opportunities of Google Performance Max and TikTok Advertising options. In that way, you will be able to figure out which option suits your brand the most.

tiktok vs performance max

Let’s start with Google!

The latest addition to Google’s tools, Performance Max, combines smart bidding and targeting features into one single goal-based campaign across the entire Google Network. Now, with it, you can create synergy through the full range of Google’s advertising channels including YouTube, Display, Search, Shopping, Discover, Maps and Gmail. The leading strength of Performance Max is the automation of targeting and delivery of the campaign based upon the information that we provide to it. Your task is to upload various assets like images, videos, logos and ad copy for your brand and products. The automated bidding technology that is AI-driven does the rest of the job and finds the best combinations for a certain campaign in order to help you achieve set goals. Through rich and transparent insights, complement your keyword-based Search campaigns to help you grow performance across Google’s full range of advertising channels and inventory. So, if you decide to go for it you will find more customers right where they are and enjoy as the automation becomes more and more advanced.

Few words about the contender – TikTok!

There are a lot of examples that the best marketing campaign doesn’t feel like marketing at all. And it’s TikTok that created an environment where uniqueness and creativity are awarded and must apply to everything, even the ads.

While the early days provided only a few, expensive options that were reserved for the brands with big budgets brave enough to set a course for the uncharted waters of TikTok. But, with the introduction of the self-bidding advertising platform even small businesses got their piece of TikTok and a chance to introduce themselves to this new community. The introduction of various ad formats to boost online shopping such as Dynamic Product, Lead Generations and Collection ads, tools for content generation, and many other small, but important features created new opportunities for brands and marketers to boost sales and benefit from their presence here. Huge audience, high engagement rate, localization advantages, and cost-effectiveness – TikTok got it all!

So, who is our heavyweight champion of advertising?

Well, with the fight for supremacy between these giants still unfinished, let’s say the result is currently a tie. Both platforms with their strong sides still can provide exceptional solutions for the marketing needs of different businesses. Google and TikTok will still work better as a duette rather than isolated options. Carefully consider ideal solutions based on insights about your target audience, desired goals and business challenges and use the best things of both worlds!

For those who are eager to utilize all of the opportunities of TikTok marketing as their next social media platform for brand marketing with leveled-up Google performance options, a team of professionals at GrowMojo is here to help them out. Let’s get ready to rumble by creating a specific plan of action tailored for your needs that will increase brand awareness and improve sales figures for your businesses and clients! Contact us today and boost results by having a team of professionals by your side, specialized in Tik Tok marketing!

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