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How to sell products on TikTok: 6 brands that unlocked the key to success!

Are you still having second thoughts about the effectiveness of selling products using TikTok ? Hey, if you did, we wouldn’t blame you. After all, to most, this platform is something relatively new, and people rarely dare to go against the grain and try something out of the box.

Today, our mission is to turn you into a believer. We won’t try to do that by throwing huge numbers and statistics around, don’t worry. Instead, we will showcase some examples of TikTok marketing strategies done right. Ultimately, the goal of every campaign is to sell as many products as possible and improve the brand recognition. From the examples below, you will see how it can be done in a number of ways.

Furthermore, let’s also point out that we won’t be focusing on a single industry, but display a wide array of businesses that successfully used TikTok as a shortcut to their customers.



#ad What you think of my first custom sneakers? ? #art #foryou ConverseAllStar

♬ original sound – Jamesllewis

If you take anything from this article, just note that TikTok hashtag challenges can be a gold mine when it comes to marketing. Converse proved that theory once again with their “#ConverseAllStar” challenge.

There was nothing complicated behind it. The goal was to invite the users to showcase their custom Converse sneaker designs and share them with the world. Users displayed their creativity, the brand received tons of free publicity and recorded many more sales as a consequence. Job well done.

Ultimately, Converse also continued to strive for success during the Coronavirus pandemic with their “#CreateAtHome” campaign. It just goes to show that the brands who are willing to adapt to the current situation will always thrive, no matter what.


When making hilarious and oftentimes a bit childish videos, who is your celebrity sports star go-to? If you said Rob Gronkowski, you guessed right! Manscaped is a brand known for their aggressive marketing, as they are completely unafraid to show who they really are, and they advise the same to their customers as well.

With over 150 million impressions they were able to generate on TikTok, it seems that their unique approach is paying off, big time. Leveraging that type of audience and turning them into customers is not an easy task, but the berserk style of Manscaped videos obviously captured the audience’s attention enough to do the trick.

Fenty Beauty

Unlike most other brands, Fenty Beauty did not resort to an in-your-face marketing campaign, but chose to follow a subtler approach. For that reason, they got help of not one, but five different influencers, who are working as a team.

It seems to have worked, as their beauty tutorials are now amongst the most watched videos on TikTok. Naturally, in all videos, the influencers use Fenty Beauty products, thus encouraging the audience to do the same. To most, that seems too subtle, but how can you argue with the results?

When Rihanna is your spokesperson, you know you’re doing something right! That’s right, one of the world’s biggest celebrities decided to open up Fenty Beauty TikTok home, which will serve as a place where the influencers can work together and create amazing content for years to come. Isn’t that something?

Elf Cosmetics


Y’all better lather up ? Keep your eyes, lips, face safe! ??? #eyeslipsface #elfyeah @illwayno @hollafyesixwun

♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. Safe. e.l.f. Cosmetics – elfyeah

This company was one of the first ones to use an original song in their TikTok campaign. When you are the first at something, it can go two ways, either you make or boom or you become a complete bust. For Elf Cosmetics, it worked like a charm.

The video was titled “Eyes Lips Face”, but that is less important. What is vital is what this campaign has done for the brand, as it reached people from around the globe, but more importantly, Elf Cosmetics were able to find millions of new customers this way.

Sabra Hummus


Full recipe by @iamtabithabrown at sabra.com TabithaBrown Hummus Vegan SnacktoSchool

♬ original sound – sabrahummusdips

Did you expect to see a company that makes hummus dips be so successful in TikTok marketing? That is what makes this platform so amazing, it can be used in so many industries.

Besides hiring a good team of influencers to push their products, they also chose the correct time, as they made their presence known on the Super Bowl Sunday. Who knew that hummus and the NFL go so well together?

Vessi Waterproof Shoes


We definitely knew how this was gonna turn out? @jozadak #nomorewetsocks #drysocksclub #waterproofshoes #fallfashion

♬ original sound – Vessi

While most other manufacturers of waterproof shoes would market their products by focusing on the fact that their footwear will keep you safe from rain and snow, Vessi went on a completely different path.

In their videos, they spill everything from coffee to wine and beer on their shoes. Not only that it proves their quality, but after a quick spray with the water hose, they also suddenly start looking squeaky clean as well. It should come as no shock that buyers went crazy for their products almost instantly. Sometimes, the simplest marketing plans bring the best results.

Get a proven marking team by your side and reap the rewards

Those were the success stories, so what do you think, did we open your eyes to this world of possibilities? More importantly, would you like to join this elite company? Get in touch with us and we will use our experience in order to give you the best chance of reaching and exceeding your company goals. 

Not only that, but your business might just become an internationally recognized brand as well. Once that happens, the possibilities for growth become endless. TikTok might just be the fastest ticket to get you there.