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How to use TikTok to scale your eCommerce – The practical guide!

At first glance, TikTok is considered just an app intended for young people, where sharing fun video content is the main goal. However, once you take a closer look, it’s not difficult to notice just how powerful of a tool it can be when it comes to driving the sales figures up.

This is especially true now, as the developers have enabled a special eCommerce features that opens up new doors for product marketing. In this guide, we will explain the details surrounding these options , while looking at ways in which you can use it to promote your business. Let’s jump right into it.

Unlike Instagram, or most other social media platforms, that are extremely popular among celebrities, TikTok is a rather closed circle. What we mean by that is that “regular” users have as much chance of gaining a huge following as any celebrity. Because the developers use algorithms that provide everyone with a level playing field, it is the creativity that ultimately triumphs.

tiktok ecommerce features

New exciting features

Videos on TikTok last up to 60 seconds, which, if you think about it, gives the advertisers heaps of time during which they can market their products effectively. That is one of the main reasons why TikTok, a platform that is based on video content offers a lot more possibilities than others, such as Instagram or Twitter, which also rely on photos and written statements, which offer significantly less time to make an impression.

One of the ad formats TikTok is experimenting with will give creators an option to include call to action in their videos. The ad revenue will then be split between creator and TikTok.

Similarly in 2019 TikTok rolled out a feature that let selected creators link out to eCommerce sites from their bios and videos.

In short, this is a golden ticket to all eCommerce businesses looking to bring their products to huge audiences worldwide.

Moreover, the brands can now target their selected audience much better, as TikTok gives great insights into their user demographics. Effectively, in the era of digital marketing at least, this always presented a huge challenge, but now, this option is there for everyone who knows how to use it properly. 

Get your brand name out there by inviting users to react to the content they are watching

Having an audience that spends most of their time just casually looking at images and photos is not good for any app. It won’t take long before they move on to something new and more interesting. That is why at TikTok, user interaction was considered a vital component to the app’s success right from the start. It seems that the trick has worked, as TikTok users on average spend 52 minutes using the app every day!

Popular brands have noticed the appeal of such audiences quickly, and they have made millions already by using it to their advantage. Your eCommerce business sure could use a piece of that cake, right? The only question is, how can you use it to make profit?

By creating virtual content that the users can react to, it quickly spreads the word, showcasing your products to millions of users. As the strength of your brand increases, you are bound to notice a spike in your sales figures as well. If your campaigns are set up correctly, it is only a matter of time before that happens.

Start a hashtag challenge

When your goal is to reach huge audiences in a hurry, TikTok offers a great solution. Just get in touch with one of the influencers, come up with a fun and engaging hashtag challenge and set it up! Yes, we are perfectly aware that some older generations would laugh at the power of influencers, as they are perhaps even unfamiliar with the term meaning, but the facts speak for themselves.

Influencers are people who have a large number of people following their work. Hashtag challenges are an interesting series of creative videos which invite other users to chime in and give their own personal twist to the original idea. When you mix these two, you get a successful formula that has helped eCommerce businesses to target their desired audiences and promote their services with great results. In every business, you want to be a conversation starter, not a follower, and hashtag challenges can give you that opportunity.

Hire a company to create a full marketing plan around your product

Most people look at the huge challenges that come with making a name and acquiring a huge number of followers on TikTok, and simply quit even before they start. Even worse, they often do not have the confidence in their own marketing plan and therefore miss the opportunity that could’ve changed their lives forever. How can you get out of this cycle? By hiring someone with a proven experience to guide you along this exciting journey.

A team of professionals will be able to use all of the advantages this platform brings, thus maximizing the success of the campaign, and improving the sales figures as much as possible. Here at GrowMojo, we use all of the knowledge we acquired through many years of hard work in order to open new markets for eCommerce businesses around the world.

Customers who need your product are all over the planet, you just need to find someone who will deliver it to them today. Let us be that missing link, and together, we will be able to achieve great things! Contact us today!

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