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How Beauty Brands Succeed on TikTok

In the past, beauty brands had to invest huge amounts of money in marketing, buying the biggest billboards and endorsing celebrities and supermodels, just to reach their desired audience. Nowadays, with the development of such apps as TikTok, all of that became possible, but with far less investments, while the results have never been better.

What is it about TikTok that allows beauty brands to stand out and how can you implement some of those tactics to further improve your business? Today, we’re about to find out.

beaty brands on tiktok

Beauty brands showcase their products early on

While most people outside the marketing industry seem to think that you need to create an entire story in your ad before showcasing your product, the truth is quite different. People generally have a very short attention span, which means that you always have to strike while the iron is hot and display your products and services in the first 2 or three seconds of your video.

Similarly, the best practice is to keep your videos short. The overall recommended length of your video should not exceed 20 seconds, but sometimes, 10 seconds is all that’s necessary to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. 

Sure, that might seem a bit too aggressive from where you’re standing, but the practice has shown that brands who aim to create short and effective ads are ideally suited for TikTok and other social media platforms.

Fresh content trumps everything else

All social media apps rely on fresh content to keep their users entertained. The same principles apply to marketing campaigns as well. It’s recommended to produce something new every two weeks. While maintaining this pace can put a lot of pressure on brands, it also allows them to express themselves through creative campaigns, and it can be as fun as it is challenging. If you turn this into a game, you won’t ever even feel like you’re working.

However, it’s also a fact that campaigns need some air time before the metrics behind them become valid. Even when it seems that you are not on a good path to achieve the desired results, make sure to leave it alone for at least a couple of days, as things can sometimes change in an instant. Otherwise, if you make changes to your campaigns on a daily basis, it becomes impossible to gain valid results from this approach.

When creating new content, make sure to use all TikTok features to your advantage. This includes things such as filters, duets, effects, stitch or voiceovers. Additionally, upbeat music that generates excitement can also help you stand out among your competitors. When you create a positive association in users to your brand, they will want to keep coming back for more.

It’s important to connect your brand with the latest TikTok trends

TikTok is a fast-moving platform that takes pride in offering fresh and exciting content to its users. Due
to that reason, there are always new trends and topics that have the possibility to become viral. For
those brands that jump on this wave early, the possibility of reaching millions of users is right there for
the taking.
Finding fun and engaging trends that match your beauty brand’s style and values is not only important,
but it can be a very fun activity as well.
This process can take a bit of trial and error, so if you don’t succeed on your first attempt, do not get
discouraged. In case you get stuck along the way, you can always check out what the other users are
doing for some inspiration. Just make sure to always stay true to your brand.

tiktok beauty brands

Cooperation with other content creators is a must

At the end of the day, there’s not a single person in the world who knows your brand as well as you do. That’s why many product owners like to take action into their own hands, thinking that others will do a poor job displaying all the nuances that make their brand so unique and special.

However, TikTok offers users access to some of the brightest and most creative members of their community through a dedicated channel known as Creator Marketplace, and those who are in the know are already using it to their advantage.

Beauty brands in particular can benefit greatly from a little cooperation with popular creators. Simple videos, such as makeup tutorials have a huge potential to go viral, thus showcasing products to millions of users from around the world. In a competitive marketplace such as the beauty industry, brands need to use every possible advantage to stand out. Creators are never afraid to be unique and interesting in their own way, and every brand regardless of the industry can benefit from taking that approach.

How to start using TikTok to your advantage?

Generating better sales through TikTok is a viable option for any brand that aims to maximize every opportunity that comes its way. Much like every other job, it requires careful planning and flawless execution to achieve the desired results.

At GrowMojo, we make sure to follow the latest practices that can help any brand shine. If you are feeling stuck in your business strategy, or you simply want to take any advantage you can get, make sure to contact us today, and let’s achieve all our business goals together!

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