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The TikTok Events API (formerly known as TikTok Conversion API) is a secure server-to-server interface that connects a website with TikTok and enables data sharing on all relevant customer events that take place on the platform (conversions, or events). Server-side tracking offers a wide range of benefits for advertisers and is particularly vital in overcoming the third-party cookie ban. Now, since TikTok has become a tremendous source of growth for brands and advertisers, there are, naturally, many agencies helping clients market on the platform. However, there are only a few TikTok Events API agencies specializing in implementing S2S tracking, so we figured we should create a handy list to help brands connect with the right partners. 

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GrowMojo is a full-service TikTok advertising and data tracking agency covering everything from customer acquisition, full-funnel services and re-engagement, helping clients develop precise, functional strategies that promote growth. The agency was one of the earliest to become a TikTok partner and its team of dedicated professionals possesses an unparalleled understanding of not just the tricky TikTok algorithm, but also of all the tech solutions that the platform offers to advertisers to maximize their performance. 

GrowMojo’s TikTok data specialists offer tailored TikTok Events API integration services, as well as TikTok Pixel integration. GrowMojo understands the importance of developing a bullet-proof strategy for conversion tracking and bypassing privacy restrictions. The approach can be tailored to clients’ needs – GrowMojo can provide the know-how on how to implement server-side tracking, or, for those looking for a more turnkey solution, can cover the entire process, optimize it, test, and troubleshoot where needed. GrowMojo’s data specialist also have TikTok Events API integration experience with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Segment, Roller Software, Checkfront and others

The services include server-to-server setup, GTM tracking setup, deduplication and advanced matching data, QA, and diagnostics. It’s a unique, all-around solution that reduces the workload for advertisers and guarantees top-notch conversion tracking that is conducive to optimal ad performance.


Not necessarily a dedicated TikTok or Meta advertising company, Adsmurai offers all-in-one tech marketing solutions aiming to optimize advertising across all channels. Adsmurai has created an advertising platform that brings all paid media to a single place and helps streamline the creative aspect, too. For those who don’t want or need a new platform or product, they also offer agency services that include various technical implementations. 

Adsmurai team helps clients with server-side tracking and can help with the proper setup of the TikTok Events API.


LeadsBridge is a company offering a wide range of marketing integrations. They offer lead sync and audience targeting services and their platform also covers server-side integrations for a wide range of marketing channels. In addition to the full integration with TikTok Lead Generation, LeadsBridge also helps advertisers properly set up server-side tracking for TikTok events. 

LeadsBridge also has an online-to-offline tracking solution, too. 


Stape started in 2020 as a company providing hosting services for server-side tracking. They soon realized that there was not sufficient documentation and resources around to simplify server-side tagging so they took it upon themselves to build an infrastructure and a tool for that purpose. Today, Stape has a global server for GTM hosting, as well as a dedicated European cloud server. 

Advertisers interested in using Stape solutions sign up for one of the plans and can then, depending on the type of plan, use parts or the entire suite of tools for server-side tagging. There’s a dedicated solution for TikTok Events API that uses the proprietary Stape tag for the server GTM container. 

In addition, Stape provides valuable knowledge bases, learning, and troubleshooting resources and has a vibrant community of users and developers. 


Similarly to Stape, Taggrs offers a proprietary product for server-side tracking that’s implemented on top of the client’s existing Google Tag Manager setup. The tool is designed to streamline the entire process from setting the TikTok Pixel and TikTok Events API to deduplication and, finally, testing. 

The company doesn’t offer direct TikTok Events API services since the tool is designed to help advertisers take care of everything by themselves. Of course, the support staff is available for any questions or problems that may arise. 

Taggrs is a Dutch company but it has servers across the globe, and the servers are monitored around the clock. 

Wrapping It Up

Unless you’re an expert, properly setting up the TikTok Events API is bound to be difficult and may result in faulty conversion tracking. Fortunately, here at GrowMojo, we have a team of dedicated experts who will be more than happy to help you out with that. Whether you just need consultations or you want us to entirely handle setting up server-side tracking, contact us today and let’s get the ball rolling.

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