Best TikTok Shop Agencies in 2024

TikTok Shop is a distinctive and valuable feature of the popular social networking platform, designed to enable brands to showcase, promote, and sell their products directly from the app, using a suite of in-app tools. TikTok being among the most widely used social platforms, TikTok Shop represents an amazing opportunity for brands to get their products out there and grow their revenue. However, not many brands possess the know-how to successfully optimize their TikTok Shop opportunity, which is where specialized TikTok Shop agencies come in. 

TikTok Shop agencies are partners that specialize in helping businesses leverage TikTok Shop to maximize sales revenue. Typically, they:

  • Help brands setup and optimize their TikTok Shop Seller Center.
  • Assist with the TikTok video creation that resonates with target audiences that will be used as organic TikToks or TikTok ads to drive conversions through the TikTok Shop storefront.
  • Manage the TikTok Shop Affiliate program including TikTok creator relationships, finding the right fit and manage the performance.
  • Handle paid advertising through TikTok’s suite of ad tools, optimizing campaign targeting and performance to drive TikTok Shop revenue for the brand
  • Oversee analytics and reporting using the platform’s solutions based on metrics such as views, engagement, and conversions. 

Overall, TikTok Shop agencies offer a range of services aimed at helping businesses effectively utilize TikTok as a marketing platform to reach and engage with their target audience, ultimately driving sales and growth.

As TikTok Shop grows and expands and more and more brands utilize it to increase their revenue, it is important to pick a top TikTok Shop partner. If you’re having a hard time picking the agency that fits your needs, we’ve created a convenient list of the Best TikTok Shop Agencies:

1. GrowMojo

GrowMojo is a seasoned TikTok Shop Partner with an impressive track record. As one of the first TikTok Agencies, GrowMojo has worked with many product brands to scale their growth on TikTok. GrowMojo drove $50M in revenue on TikTok in 2023. Now as an official TikTok Shop Partner they are once again leading the way for brands to get the most out of what TikTok offers.

GrowMojo is a full-service TikTok Shop Partner. The services include:

  • TikTok Shop Seller Center operations and management, including TikTok Shop seller onboarding and TikTok Shop Storefront setup, business verifications and integrations with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Salesforce and Segment. 
  • TikTok Shop advertising: leveraging TikTok Ads to promote a shop to its ideal buyers. This includes TikTok performance marketing, full-funnel campaign development, creative strategy, video ad creation and affiliate management.   
  • TikTok Shop Affiliate Program management: working with TikTok-approved creators for brand promotion, including sourcing, creating briefs, monitoring and analyzing performance and Spark Code management. 
  • Organic content production, including a monthly social posting schedule with a weekly new video, and TikTok Shop integration of videos.
  • TikTok Shop product merchandising and promotion

The comprehensive understanding of TikTok’s ecosystem enables GrowMojo agency to meticulously optimize every facet of TikTok Shop, ensuring your products stand out amidst the competition. From refining your TikTok Shop Storefront and catalog to fine-tuning product detail pages, the GrowMojo team of seasoned marketers leverages extensive experience to elevate brand presence on TikTok Shop. With adept TikTok Shop managers at the helm, the agency navigates the intricacies of the platform to promote products effectively and rank them higher within TikTok’s algorithm. 

Furthermore, GrowMojo promises to provide unparalleled visibility into conversion data, empowering clients with actionable insights to enhance their TikTok Shop’s performance. It is worth noting that GrowMojo has experience with TikTok Shop eCommerce partner platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, Segment, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

GrowMojo agency also has its own team of video editors and copywriters. They have an impressive track record of crafting winning TikTok Shop video ads which speaks volumes about its ability to propel products towards viral success, driving significant sales and engagement.

2. Power Digital 

Positioning themselves as “consultants at the intersection of brand and growth” Power Digital offers a truly wide range of services, from branding and creative, affiliate marketing, CRO, data intelligence, to paid and organic social media and SEO. When it comes to TikTok Shop, Power Digital helps brands reach new audiences through quality-driven content and smart analytics. Their suite of TikTok services includes: 

  • Marketing strategy and analytics
  • Media buying 
  • Content development
  • Influencer marketing and organic social management. 

The agency believes brands shouldn’t make ads but TikToks and that says a lot about their unique approach and deep understanding of the platform. 

As for TikTok Shop specifically, Power Digital helps clients create tailored and integrated strategies that drive reach and revenue, using their expertise in the platform’s eCommerce capabilities and combining them with branding, creative and influencer marketing efforts. And thanks to their partnership with TikTok Israel, Power Digital can offer clients exclusive access to betas and help them use them to create the most effective, customized strategy. 

3. EK Creative

EK Creative specializes in social commerce and as one of the first certified TikTok Shop partners has extensive expertise in helping brands navigate the eCommerce capabilities of the platform. EK Creative works with brands to deliver a highly customized and specialized ad campaign on TikTok and stays with the client from the beginning throughout the entire process. They help create engaging and captivating videos and optimized ad copy, tailored to the target audience. The agency has in-house video producers and content experts, as well as a team focusing exclusively on growth. 

EK Creative also helps brands leverage live shopping capabilities of TikTok, in which brands engage with the audience, answer questions, make recommendations, etc, driving instant sales. 

The agency strives to keep up to date with the latest trends and features, but also regulations and policies, assuring the smoothest possible experience for each client. 

Finally, the agency offers incentives for early adopters, consisting of free ad spend credits to kickstart a successful campaign. 

4. Ghost Agency

Ghost Agency is a modern, hip agency with a distinct aesthetics and approach to its own branding. The agency was started by two women with a strong background in livestream shopping who quickly recognized the need to develop this field further and help more brands get on board. It was one of the first TikTok Shop partners and over time it developed an impressive network of 10,000+ creator affiliates, who are today managed by a team of enthusiastic and dedicated experts. 

The agency is somewhat elusive when it comes to its services, at least on their website, and prefers direct communication with potential clients. Finally, Ghost Agency doesn’t believe in trapping clients into long-term contracts, offering instead tailored consultations and transferring their knowledge to clients to help them maximize their ROI. 

5. Favoured

Favoured is considered among the best TikTok agencies in the UK, with recognitions coming from Clutch and the like. Their main service fields include TikTok ad creation and management, influencer and micro-influencer marketing and management, and targeting paid social advertising campaigns. Favoured also specializes in eCommerce digital marketing and automation. 

As a full-funnel digital marketing agency, Favoured provides a range of services and doesn’t specialize in TikTok or TikTok Shop in particular. Still, for brands and businesses looking for a seasoned, knowledgeable and reputable agency with large teams that cover everything from advertising, influencer and organic social through email, automation and growth hacking to content production, design and video, it makes a very good choice. 

6. The Snow Agency

As a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in social media advertising, the Snow Agency offers a range of services crafted specifically for TikTok Shop, combining high-performing influencer and organic content with custom-tailored advertising strategies. The agency then leverages the unique TikTok Shop capabilities and in-app shopping touchpoints to further optimize targeting and drive sales. 

Specifically, the agency helps brands build custom experiences, through authentic and valuable content that inspires purchases and develops each brand’s unique community on the platform. 

The agency conveniently splits its services into several packages: 

  • New organic content development and management (monthly social posting schedule and production, shop integration, comment moderation)
  • Approved affiliate influencer management (sourcing, briefs, Spark Code access)
  • Paid advertising (media buying and bidding, full-funnel analysis, custom campaigns).

7. adQuadrant

adQuadrant is an experienced agency specializing in eCommerce brand-building, developing omni-channel and attribution strategies, as well as full-funnel execution. It is a TikTok Shop Certified Preferred Partner, with expertise in helping D2C brands achieve remarkable success on TikTok. 

adQuadrant range of TikTok Shop services include:

  • Onboarding
  • Storefront management
  • Content production
  • Affiliate and influencer management
  • Shop ads expertise. 

And considering every direct-to-consumer business is unique and has different requirements and goals, adQuadrant works with them to create unique and personalized plans that align not just with goals but with brand identity too. 

Wrapping It Up

With so many excellent TikTok Shop agencies around, no brand or business should navigate the platform’s social commerce capabilities by themselves. Partnering with a TikTok Shop agency offers brands an unparalleled opportunity to harness the platform’s immense reach and engagement, driving tangible results in sales and brand awareness. With expert guidance and tailored strategies, brands can navigate the complex landscape of TikTok commerce, ensuring their products stand out and thrive in this vibrant digital marketplace. At GrowMojo, our team of dedicated TikTok Shop experts stands ready to work with you and lead you toward success, so don’t hesitate – get in touch today!

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