How to use TikTok to promote your small business

The last two years haven’t been exactly kind to small businesses. The global pandemic made the competition even more fierce, and the companies that stayed on course during these difficult times are just now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, more than ever before, it has become vital to use every little advantage to reach new customers and maintain the existing customers. A great marketing plan is without a doubt the best way to get your name out there and grow your business. 

Today, we will explain why using TikTok gives your small business the best chance to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do that.

tiktok for small business

Use the Small Business Resource Center to its full potential

In order to help small and medium businesses grow, TikTok created a dedicated feature called Small Business Resource Center. Because of that, brands now have access to a whole plethora of useful resources that can help them create entire marketing strategies.

Users have the option to set a unique goal for their marketing strategy, which includes expanding brand awareness, maximizing reach, or focusing on increasing website traffic or reaching the target sales figures.

The TikTok tools will get your business going in the right direction, and all you have left is to set your target audience and determine what your budget will look like. Another great thing about TikTok is the fact that it allows you to reach a huge audience on a tight budget, something its competitors such as Instagram or Facebook simply can’t offer. 

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Check out the available templates to make professional-looking videos

Small businesses usually don’t have a huge budget dedicated to marketing. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality of their videos needs to suffer. TikTok already offers plenty of interesting filters and modes that can raise your production skills to another level, but the Small Business Resource Center goes one step beyond that.

Users get access to pre-made video templates, where their only job is to select the photos which represent their products and services in the best light. Furthermore, TikTok also offers a music library with 900+ available licensed songs, so that the new creators have everything at their disposal to create a viral campaign right from the start.

tiktok video templates

Implement TikTok Pixel and reach your target audience

First things first, let’s explain what a TikTok pixel actually is. This piece of code can be implemented to your webpage, and it allows you to track the performance of your ads, user behavior, and the percentage of conversions you are able to achieve.

By looking at this data, you will be able to optimize your ads and adjust them to your audience. Ultimately, this can be an important tool that can help you gain a better understanding of the users’ behavior. If you use these metrics correctly, you will be able to precisely notice the weak points in your overall strategy and adjust your TikTok advertising campaign by tightening your sales funnel.

TikTok for Business offered a detailed explanation of the entire process, so even if you aren’t a developer by trait, you should be able to install the pixel, in case you follow the process step by step.

Don’t be afraid to look at others for inspiration

Remember, inspiration can come from a lot of sources. Just because a certain strategy worked well for others, it doesn’t mean that will be the case for your business. Still, that shouldn’t prevent you from taking a moment or two to check out what the competition is doing.

If you look long and hard enough, chances are that certain patterns will begin to emerge. Some call this a formula to success, but it’s truly more of a guideline of what to do, and especially, what not to do on your road to success. Certain practices can always be applied regardless of the industry and the demographics of the target audience.

Just don’t get too preoccupied with watching others, or otherwise, your company’s identity may suffer. However, if you use the Small Business Resource Center as a helping hand to get you out of the creative rut we all find ourselves in from time to time, then more power to you.

Don’t create content, document it

As Gorana, our TikTok expert puts it “Everybody is having trouble figuring out what type of content you should create on TikTok. Should be dances, trends, DIY videos? And honestly coming up with such content takes a lot of time. And we all need time. So instead of focusing on creating ideas for content, document what you do during the day. This will be most interesting to your followers, and at the same time, it will be the easiest to make. Help them see what it looks like behind the scenes, making products, packaging, packaging design, some most frequent questions from the customers, etc. These are all things you would do without the TikTok, now just document them and you will get the simplest content you can make”.

Hire a team of professionals to get the ball rolling

Like in every other business, the most difficult thing about using TikTok as a promotional tool is where to get started. Truth be told, we are aware of how menacing this can look at first, but as you start gathering little nuggets of knowledge along the way, you’ll begin to notice the bigger picture.

We will be more than happy to guide you along the way, just get in touch with us, and we’ll find a way together in which your business can thrive. Even some of the biggest corporations of today once started as small businesses. All they needed to make it big was to follow a bigger goal and dare to explore new and exciting business opportunities. Do you have that desire inside you?

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