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Why is Facebook’s Conversion API required for your business?

As the data becomes one of the most valuable currencies of the modern world, it doesn’t come as a surprise when marketers are wondering how the latest iOS 14 updates affect their businesses and activities. More importantly, what comes next in the future?

Everybody knows how important Facebook Ads are for the marketing efforts of businesses across the globe. And recent alarms from this company give a heads up on limited possibilities to advertise, optimize and measure results of Facebook ads. Is there any alternative?

Bearing in mind how much ads on this platform depend on user’s information, recent updates of Apple devices will significantly shrink opportunities for them. Let’s not forget to mention GDPR, California’s Privacy Rights Act, and increased usage of the software that blocks ads, new solutions will have to be developed to overcome user privacy issues and generate much-needed information. But how to do this?

The simple answer to all these troubling questions is Facebook CAPI, aka Server-Side API, and today we’ll discover all the possibilities that come with it.

So, what’s Facebook CAPI?

Facebook has come up with a tool that will allow advertisers to send web events from their servers directly to Facebook. This means that server events will be used in measuring, reporting, and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events. 

Now, when a potential customer follows your ad and lands on your website, Facebook will provide a special ID for this guest and send it to the server. Later, the server will track their activity and message this log of events back to Facebook.

Facebook Conversion API can track a vast number of activities on the website and can gather leads, phone calls, form submissions, purchases, Add-to-cart actions, subscriptions, and much, much more.

One of the first advantages of this approach is that the businesses will bridge the gap created by new rules in collecting data on their customers. Also, you, as the owner of the server and website, decide what data is or isn’t sent back to Facebook. Besides effectiveness and control, CAPI fulfills all the privacy concerns for both businesses and their customers at the same time.

What’s the difference between Facebook Conversion API and Facebook Pixel?

For those already familiar with the possibilities of Facebook’s ad system, it might seem there’s not a big difference between these two options at your disposal.

And you are right. Well, kinda!

Facebook Pixel and Facebook CAPI are both designed to accomplish the same objectives and will likely be used simultaneously at least for the time being. 

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code integrated into pages of your website to track what actions are taken by visitors. But, to work, it requires data-sharing turned on by the user. But, with all the previously mentioned privacy concerns, laws and updates, for users it’s easier than ever to dodge third-party pixels and hide their actions from interested businesses.

On the other hand, Facebook Conversion API does not depend on the use of this principle. Behavior and actions tracking is stored on the website of the business owner and later transmitted to Facebook. This way the privacy and pixel issues are overcome and information are still at your disposal to create personalized, on-the-point ads and once again precisely target the desired audience.


In conclusion, Facebook Conversion API may be a much wanted way out for all businesses depending on Facebook for their marketing efforts in the past. With this new technology, marketers will still have crucial insights into the customers’ behavior for creating customized ad campaigns and dramatically increase their return on investment. 

With the rollout of the notorious iOS 14 update and limited cookies and browser-based tracking options, API is necessary for maintaining efficiency in advertising and accurate reporting even with these changes.

But, to make a change in course and switch to Facebook CAPI it would be best for you to have a skillful agency partner at your side. Only that way you can be sure that your website will always be up-to-date and have full integration of your new favorite tool. At the same time, leaving the implementation to the professionals will guarantee tailor-made ad-setting and reporting while maintaining data privacy avoiding any potential data leaks.

At GrowMojo you will find just that – a full-stacked team always ready to switch your business on the right track and provide everything needed for the successful implementation of a server-side approach in your advertising. Feel free to contact our team anytime and get the right answers right away!

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