Why Instant Pages are necessary for your TikTok Ad Strategy

As we all know, shopping can oftentimes be an impulsive matter, as certain deals may seem too good to miss. On that note, sellers have to do anything in their power to make the process of shopping as smooth and quick as possible.

The benefits of using TikTok for marketing are already well known, but today, we will take a closer look at Instant Pages, one feature that may raise the quality of your services to a new level. Once you notice the benefits of these fast-loading pages we have no doubt that you will implement them in your ad strategy. Here is why Instant Pages can be so crucial to the success of your business.

Instant Pages

Instant Pages are a great way to showcase your product 

Social media can serve as an ideal tool to create a bond with potential customers. We have already written about TikTok becoming the number 1 website in the world, and the best thing about this app is the fact that it keeps coming up with new features designed to improve user experience, but also allow more marketing features for brands as well.

Instant Pages, displayed as in-feed ads, allow brands to place a call-to-action button within the ad. When the users decide to click on the button, they can get redirected to a landing page of your choice or an external website. If you decide to use the native landing page within the app, you will get all the benefits of Instant Pages, which include a faster loading time and easy-to-use customization capabilities. Because of that, this can be a great way to present your brand to new audiences.

Improve your reach

TikTok Instant Pages provide an established path for brands to reach their target audience. However, getting your content to the users is only half the battle. For most, the more difficult part follows, and that includes capturing the attention of the users and perhaps sparking a desire to further check out the brand’s products and services.

With a strategy that is geared towards extending your reach as much as possible, you will be able to spread the word to the masses, even while on a relatively tight budget. Many brands skip this very important step, jumping too quickly on a chance to sell their products, without first introducing themselves to their potential customers. With Instant Pages optimized correctly, you will not make this mistake yourself.

Ads that have a better chance of conversions 

Expanding your reach and establishing a strong brand presence is one thing, but if that’s not followed by an increase in sales figures and profit, the job is not done. Luckily, Instant Pages can be directed toward better conversions as well, increasing your chances of turning in a healthy profit.

Compared to other social media platforms, TikTok is still a lot more affordable, allowing for a 40% lower cost per action. That leaves brands with enough wiggle room to try out different tactics in order to get to the desired results. With online sales, good optimization is the key, and Instant Pages can play a key factor there.

You can easily customize the Instant Page to your liking

Not only that the Instant Pages are lighting quick, loading up to 11 times faster compared to regular web pages, they are also highly customizable. Even better, you don’t have to be an expert developer in order to do that. By enabling drag and drop modules, almost anyone can be the designer of their own page.

Naturally, there is also a multitude of available templates which will make this job even easier. It is up to you to choose the model that works best for your brand, but know that Instant Pages usually include components such as video, text, pictures, carousels, and most importantly, call-to-action buttons. 

You do not have to use all of these components in order to make a successful Instant Page, but in case you find yourself overwhelmed with a plethora of available options, you can always take a few moments to check out what the competition is doing. Fortunately, there are a couple of really great examples of brands that are using this feature to thrive, and you can perhaps start by checking out LowerMyBills or Getcontact for some inspiration.

Use highly-optimized Instant Pages to reach your customers faster

You can always rely on yourself to set up your marketing strategy, working around the clock to reach your goals. On the other hand, you can leave this job to the professionals who know how to set up Instant Pages to work perfectly with your marketing strategy, while leaving you with more room to work on other things that can improve your brand’s success.

Contact us today and let’s set up a meeting where we can further discuss how the use of Instant Pages can boost your ad strategy and allow you to thrive in this ever-growing market.

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