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Upgrade Your TikTok Marketing Strategy for 2022

With everything that has been going on since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the year 2019 seems like ancient history. But, while most of the time feels like we are trapped in Groundhog Day, TikTok hasn’t been idle since those easier days back in 2019. And who would have thought back then that this short-form video app despite all the challenges will find a permanent place in our cultural zeitgeist?

Last year in September, TikTok reported a new milestone has been achieved – 1 billion active monthly users on the platform. We can debate what’s the main reason that skyrocketed the popularity of TikTok, but the fact that this platform managed to meet the rising habits and needs of users than other social media failed to recognize and fulfill gives us a glimpse of a bright future for the latest giant in the social media pool. If TikTok manages to repeat stunning figures from 2020 and 2021 we might even see TikTok surpassing its fierce rival Instagram on the list of the most popular social networks this year.

That’s why we prepared this blog which will highlight key tips that will surely make a difference for any brand that will help your business in reaching new heights on the new wave called TikTok!

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Tip 1: Keep in mind new in-feed ad formats!

While most industries struggled to keep the previous momentum, e-commerce reached its peak. And just at the right time, TikTok’s short-video forms started to get along with e-commerce through a partnership with the giants in this domain like Shopify. 

To step up its game and attract more companies to the platform, TikTok introduced various ad formats to boost online shopping: Dynamic Product, Lead Generations, and Collection ads. 

With these „big guns“ from TikTok’s arsenal, you can easily aim at goals such as the creation of videos personalized to specific users and their interests, promotion of seasonal sales and collections, or lead generation in a more effective and user-friendly way. And that’s just a tip of an iceberg with new additions coming to the store soon!

Tip 2: Numbers can lead your way 

No matter if you are doing the best possible thing or have chosen the worst way to promote your business, without the right feedback, you will be fumbling in the dark. To take the guesswork out of your content strategy, using TikTok Analytics tools is a must.

After upgrading your profile to a TikTok Business account (it’s totally free), all the information relevant for tracking how your content is performing is available to you. Take a bird’s eye view of your overall performance for a specific period of time in order to find room to tweak your efforts or deep dive into specific pieces of content or your target audience. We promise, you will find tons of insights that will give you a clue what’s the perfect time of day to post, what type of videos your followers prefer, are reaching your target audience, and much more. Crunch the numbers to boost the numbers!

TikTok Marketing Strategy

Tip 3: Content is still a king on TikTok

Every marketer and almost every person out there, heard at least once how important content is. How inspiring, imaginative, and organic it must be. But, TikTok is the first social network to completely revolve around this concept. With its own rules, own language, and form in which creativity takes over, TikTok encourages smart, entertaining, and authentic content. And these rules apply to ads, too!

On other hand, creating viral videos and trends is easier said than done. That’s why TikTok introduced the Spark Ads format that allows brands to promote their organic content and reach out to a wider audience and establish a connection with their followers, at first, and potential customers, later.

Tip 4: Let professionals do the work for you!

If you still think, after all the potential that this app has shown for both the users and businesses, that TikTok isn’t just your cup, that’s just fine because there’s a solution for that issue, too. Whether it is a lack of interest in creating TikToks, catching the pace with the younger generation, or simply a lack of time for another channel of communication for your company, TikTok Creator Marketplace might be a tool for your needs. Here, marketers and creators can match their needs and create a perfect match for their collaboration. You will have all the information you need to choose a profile that is a right fit for your brand in terms of the audience and style you aim to achieve, that works in your niche, and already has an established base of followers who might be your next customer.

Now over to you!

These should be enough to give you and your strategy a head start but keep your heads up. Nowadays, social media moves fast and TikTok is reinventing itself even faster. It’s easy to get left behind and miss on important trends.

As TikTok pushes itself forward constantly, don’t be afraid to do the same with your TikTok marketing strategy – the constant pursuit for improvement. It may seem difficult to do it all by yourself, though. Fortunately, same as with the Creator marketplace, there is a team of experts specialized in TikTok marketing right here at GrowMojo that can always keep you up to date with innovations and the latest trends that can be your crucial advantage on the market. Feel free to contact us today and let’s start building the best strategy for your business! 

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