Unlocking the Power of TikTok: A Game-Changer for Nonprofits!

Ever since its launch back in 2017, a lot of things have changed about the current most popular social media app that has turned the digital world on its head. But, there is one thing that stayed constant – TikTok’s audience potential.
What once started as a platform centered around Gen Zers creating and sharing short videos of dance moves, cooking and lip-syncing attempting to become buzzworthy, quickly became a viral thing itself. During the pandemic, the unprecedented growth of users looking for a getaway from gloomy reality skyrocketed TikTok’s popularity into orbit. Many companies quickly recognized TikTok’s prospects and started looking for their place in this uncharted landscape. 

As the platform grew, so did the features and advertising opportunities. After becoming a sensation itself, TikTok focused on creating a way to activate kindness in the hearts of more than 1 billion people who actively use the app. That’s why TikTok launched a social good program that helps non-profit organizations reach people, raise awareness and drive donations. This noble initiative allows organizations to use advanced tools such as donation stickers, promoted hashtags, account management and advanced analytics for their cause. 

It should be noted that their ‘TikTok For Good’ platform is limited to major campaigns, but this may change in the near future. Also, there are many other ways and proven practices to put your organization and cause on TikTok’s radar. Today, we will help you explore the strategies on how non-profit organizations can use TikTok as a platform to grab attention and grow their audience like never before!

Build your presence at every step

One of the easiest ways to promote the mission of your organization is by displaying a link on your profile page that will allow users to get familiar with your work and provide donations for the cause.

No matter if you are making first steps or have a longer history with TikTok, another way to quickly build your audience and awareness about your cause is identifying and featuring celebrities or well-known public/TikTok figures in your videos. Another option is having them to promote your work through their profiles. Either way, it will help spread the word and reach new potential supporters of your organization.

Also, don’t hesitate to use TikTok LIVE and start interacting with your followers in real time. This can work great to answer specific questions, host panel discussions, do „behind-the-scene“ tours and bring followers closer to your volunteers and staff members and their everyday work.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that creativity is the key factor for the success of your content. Avoid polished aesthetics, sterile and formal communication. Don’t be afraid to show the real side of your organization, because authenticity is the foundation of standing out in a crowded digital space.

Educate your viewers

Even though the most important rule of TikTok is the principle of „entertainment-first“, educational and informational content is key for nonprofit organizations. And there are a lot of ways to make them interesting while staying mission-related.

Facts, statistics, insights or tutorials using text on the screen and with the right narration can also be captivating and intriguing. And if one video can’t cover all the important information you want to share of incredible work you do – there’s no need to worry. Creating a series of videos that cover different aspects of the same subject can keep your potential supporters longer on your profile as long as you keep it short, snappy and interactive.

Use the algorithm to your advantage!

Your Discover page is a place where trends are constantly circulating and serves as a great place for what might be the best way to go viral. 

You can do this by using trending sounds and songs that you can implement into your videos. In the same way, using trending hashtags can give your videos the best chance of landing on users’ “For You” page. Being part of the latest “hashtag challenge“ or launching your own can maximize the reach of your mission.

Consistency is a great way when aiming to grow your TikTok account. That’s why posting at least once daily is considered a must when we talk about TikTok. As well as posting regularly, you should post at peak times for maximum engagement. This may seem challenging to achieve on a daily basis, but simply repurposing content from all your social networks can be a lifesaver.

Also in-app tools can help you to create outstanding pieces of content and attract additional attention – that’s why you should definitely try TikTok’s duet, react, reply with video and stitch options.

Learn from the best!

Despite the serious and urgent cause of your organization, creating and sharing funny, entertaining videos in classic TikTok style can take you a long way. And there’s a lot of great cases that prove this is true! You can get ahead of the game by following best practices – organizations that already racked up the numbers on TikTok.

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is another that leverages TikTok to build a huge follower base. With the right mix of educational videos, testimonials and content made purely for entertainment, St. Jude’s finds a way to make its content relatable and gain traction for its cause.


Unicef, as one of the most recognized nonprofits, leads the way when it comes to TikTok, too. Featuring some of the biggest influencers of the platform in their videos to grab attention, sharing inspiring stories of children around the world and swift educational videos are the reason behind the success story of Unicef on TikTok.


Who do you talk to about what’s on your mind? Here are some tips on how to recognise who’ll have your back when you need them most. Developed with support of @zzurichfoundation. #OnMyMind #YouthDay #MentalHealthMatters

♬ Music In Your Heart (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Oceana is another great example of nonprofits using TikTok for good, in a good way. An organization that works to save oceans and feed the world, shows the regular life of the irresistible ocean animals motivating viewers to help in conserving the ocean life.

This is just a fraction of the good work nonprofits do on TikTok when it comes to promoting their missions and causes. You can always find organizations close to your line of work and inspire yourself.

How can you do more with TikTok?

Being devoted to your cause is one thing. Being devoted to engaging with your audience and highlighting the important work you do is a whole other story! Finding the right approach might take some trial and error, and if you’ve taken some of the advice we suggested without concrete results – don’t worry! Expanding your TikTok audience can happen out of the blue, the most important thing is to keep giving your best and experimenting. 

TikTok is here to stay – the time and energy you invest in this platform to gain awareness and tell your story in a new and engaging way to an audience you might not reach in another way. 

You can also consider putting the promotion of your work in the hands of experts specialized in TikTok marketing. Our team can help you take steps in the right direction and become a part of the latest global trends. Get in touch with us today and let’s identify the best strategy for the needs of your organization – we will be more than happy to guide you along the new ways of digital marketing and exciting opportunities that TikTok has to offer.

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