Top 8 Franchise Advertising Agencies

top franchise advertising agencies

A great franchise advertising agency has to be able to help the franchise business attract new qualified business owners and also help their franchise locations thrive in their local markets. This requires a deep understanding of the franchise model. It also needs to have a good track record of success with navigating the unique regulatory restrictions placed on franchises. 

Working with a franchise advertising agency is a partnership. A good agency needs to foster a collaborative approach, adapting to your specific needs of the franchise brand, as well as your values and working style. It should be an extension of your team, invested in your long-term success.. 

After reviewing and evaluating dozens of qualified franchise agencies we’ve compiled a list of the very best franchise marketing agencies that meet all the required criteria.


GrowMojo franchise advertising agency

GrowMojo provides both new franchise owner acquisition services and local marketing services to help existing franchisees thrive. Over the last year, they drove over $150 million in direct attributed revenue for their franchise clients. GrowMojo has unmatched expertise in creating sequential ads using videos, They also have unparalleled experience with local audience targeting on Google, Meta and TikTok. In fact, their franchise clients were the very first to be able to take advantage of TikTok Zip Code targeting when it was released in the U.S. and TikTok Postal Code targeting when it was released in Canada.

GrowMojo provides more than just marketing services. They are also data tracking and attribution experts and do Facebook Conversion API, TikTok Events API and Google Analytics 4 implementations for their franchise clients to ensure the optimal marketing performance. Additionally, they provide a real-time dashboard to give their franchise clients full visibility into the metrics.

With teams in the U.S., Europe and South America GrowMojo is the top choice to help franchise businesses surpass their growth goals.



ChoiceLocal is an agency specializing in franchise marketing with a tried and tested performance record. They work with around 50 franchise systems, which may seem a bit limited, but it’s the sort of focus that speaks of a deep understanding of each of these specific systems. 

The agency covers services like local SEO, PPC and Google ads, as well as reputation management, and works both with franchisors and franchisees. They have a very high retention rate of 96% and have averaged 282% across franchise partners. Their work is based on a hyper-localized approach, which is the only logical way to go when it comes to franchises, but create strategies on the national level, as well. Franchisees get a reliable and high ROI and lead generation strategy, recruiting solutions and CRM, as well as excellent customer service. 



Location3 has been around since 1999 and today represents one of the best-performing digital marketing agencies for multi-unit and franchise brands, providing strategic solutions combined with proprietary local marketing and a data management platform. 

Location3 conducts a five-step process consisting of discovery, strategic plan, partnership and transition, enterprise solution and, finally, local activation. The agency uses a proprietary local digital marketing platform LOCALACT that helps franchise owners optimize their local media mix, scale digital marketing and provide key insights to every franchise stakeholder. 

Digital Marketing Agency


Anyone interested in working with a big-time agency helping their franchise advertising needs should check out Digital Marketing Agency, one of the biggest players in the field. The agency is not specialized in franchise marketing alone – in fact, their services range from PPC, SEO, email and social media marketing to software, website and app development, eCommerce and marketplace integration. 

When it comes to franchising, Digital Marketing Agency creates SEO campaigns that raise brand visibility both locally and in general search results using both on-page and off-page strategies. The agency has 500+ active clients and a 96% retention rate. 

Lead to Conversion

Lead to Conversion

Lead to Conversion is a renowned digital marketing service provider founded in 2006, with franchise marketing among the primary services. In addition to franchise SEO, PPC and marketing, they also help small to large businesses handle search marketing and website development. 

Lead to Conversion helps franchisers increase their local search traffic, expand brand reach on the local and help launch and maintain the website. Their franchise marketing process is streamlined and tried and tested over the years. It starts with identifying goals and target audience, analyzing the current state and then developing a fully customized strategy that aims to help emerging franchises achieve success as fast as possible. 

TopFire Media

TopFire Media

TopFire Media is an integrated franchise marketing agency that specializes in full-service digital media and marketing, PR, web development and SEO, topped with hyper-local franchisee marketing. It has constantly been voted among the top franchise marketing agencies from 2018 to 2022, and is backed by its sister company, iFranchise Group, providing hands-on expertise to help franchisees achieve fast and stable growth. 

What sets TopFire Media apart from other agencies is the fact they combine franchise marketing and PR in a single set of services, so clients don’t have to delegate either part of the services to another agency, taking care of all their growth, branding and marketing needs in one place. 

Integrated Digital Strategies

Integrated Digital Strategies

Integrated Digital Strategies is a multiple award-winning franchise advertising agency working with over 75 franchise brands across all industries, from restaurants and home services to automotive, health and more. Their services include innovative franchisee marketing, franchise development, multi-location marketing and HubSpot integration and marketing.  

IDS offers complete digital solutions for franchises, from website development, design and content marketing, to email marketing, social media and paid search. The agency also assists in brand building and franchise sales, helping clients streamline the sales process and attract qualified franchisees, providing assistance throughout the entire process, from lead generation and qualification to closing. 

SEO Discovery 

Although it’s not a franchise advertising agency per se, SEO Discovery can still be an excellent choice for franchises as it offers the full range of SEO and digital marketing services and has a lot of experience under its belt. One of the best-performing SEO agencies around, it helps small and medium businesses grow using the latest digital marketing solutions that aim to get them on the map as fast as possible. 

This huge company is present in 5+ countries, has been around for 16 years and has a team of 400+ members. In terms of franchise marketing, SEO Discovery handles local SEO that increases the location foot traffic and brand awareness, gets the brand in local SERPs and handles the Google My Business optimization, as well as Google ads. 

Wrapping Things Up

So there you have it – if you’re looking for a good franchise advertising agency or a partner to help you with your digital strategy, we’re sure the perfect choice is on this list. However, if you really want to make sure your franchising endeavor turns out well, choose GrowMojo. Our team of experts understands that, in order to succeed with a franchise, you need to attract the right franchisor, and to do that, you’ll need quality guidance and counseling. Even after that initial part, you’ll need to work hard on attracting and retaining customers, growing the brand on your local level and getting high up in the local search results. To leverage our in-depth understanding of the franchise growth needs, contact us today and we’ll help you with the process, creating a marketing and ad strategy that will get you there in no time!

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