Best Meta Conversions API Agencies

By prioritizing the proper implementation of Meta Conversions API, businesses can unlock unparalleled insights into user behavior, streamline conversion pathways, and enhance overall online efficacy. 

Also known as the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI), it is a powerful tool enabling seamless data exchange between websites and Meta platforms. It allows businesses to track and optimize user interactions, enhancing ad performance and user experience. CAPI ensures accurate data transmission, empowering marketers to make informed decisions and drive impactful digital strategies.

Considering the importance of a proper Meta CAPI implementation, unless your business has a dedicated in-house expert, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Now the question is, which agency to pick? We’ve narrowed the choice down for you – here’s our selection of the best Meta Conversions API agencies working the market right now:


GrowMojo is a rare agency offering both TikTok Events API and Facebook CAPI integration services. Ever since its beginnings, the agency has been closely following everything happening over at what’s now called Meta, making sure its clients face all changes and innovations ready, with a solid head start compared to the competition. 

GrowMojo understands the importance of proper Meta Conversions API setup in optimizing advertising results and is also aware that Meta itself awards advertisers who bring more customer signals, so the ads actually perform better. Furthermore, GrowMojo’s data specialists help clients to correctly set up the Meta CAPI, which significantly reduces acquisition costs. 

The agency can either walk the clients through the integration or handle the entire process for them. The services don’t end there – after the setup, GrowMojo also takes care of testing and proposes further integrations with eCommerce platforms for a complete and well-rounded advertising strategy. GrowMojo has Meta CAPI integration experience with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Segment, Roller Software, Checkfront and others


A company with a long track record in digital tech, iDimension “started when Google started” in 1998. iDimension has been a Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2010. Their services revolve around creating and leveraging data to optimize digital marketing investments with a focus on deep-funnel success signals. 

As a Meta Business Partner, iDimension helps clients implement server-side tagging and provides other Facebook technical services, like Google Cloud Functions and AWS Lambda integrations, as well as Zapier and Integromat integrations. iDimension helps clients with attribution across all marketing sources and with creating custom audiences. 

Profitable Media

Profitable Media is another Meta CAPI agency, or, more precisely, a marketing and tech agency that helps clients get their data in order, reach wider audiences, and improve retention. They are also Facebook server-to-server tracking experts helping brands keep up with the ever-changing technology trends. 

Profitable Media understands that S2S tracking is the only solution for the cookieless future, so their suite of services includes implementing Meta CAPI, along with Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking solutions. 

Their four-step process starts with a full business review, after which they develop a strategy tailored to the client’s specific needs. Implementation comes next, complete with reports and status updates after each goal is reached, and the entire process is then optimized in accordance with the client’s customer data.

Digital Strategy 

Digital Strategy is a Dublin-based team of digital specialists with an enviable degree of technical expertise in digital research and strategy, analysis, and advertising. Their services are focused on analytics and campaign optimization, and server-side tracking plays a big role in that. 

When it comes to Meta CAPI, Digital Strategy helps clients implement server-side tracking to get more accurate data on all conversions from the platforms in the Meta roster (Facebook, Instagram, etc). They also handle GTM placement, perform Google Analytics audits, GA4 migration, and much more. 

Meta Pro Team

Much like its name suggests, Meta Pro Team is a group of experts offering technical and marketing support to businesses advertising on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to personalized guidance for all levels of clients, from small businesses to enterprise level, Meta Pro Team also offers technical assistance in setting up Pixel, Product Catalog and Meta Conversions API. 

Meta Pro Team can be a great solution for brands who are just starting with Facebook advertising, but bear in mind that their program is currently not offered to all advertisers, so you need to book a call to find out if you qualify. 

Wrapping It Up

Proper implementation of server-side tracking of Facebook events is essential for improving measurement, optimizing data control, and reducing CPR across Meta technologies. The technology may be complicated for many, and instead of hiring a dedicated in-house developer, the answer lies in teaming up with the right Meta Conversions API agency. Our list of the Best Facebook Conversion API Agencies will help you make the first step in that direction. GrowMojo is always here for you if you need guidance in implementing either Facebook Conversions API or the TikTok Events API, as well as Pixel. Get in touch with us, and we’ll create the perfect strategy for your digital campaigns! 

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