Introducing TikTok Spark Ads – A new powerful marketing tool

Very few, if any, social media apps have had the meteoric rise to popularity that can match TikTok. A brilliant business idea was undoubtedly one of the main reasons for that achievement, but the willingness to always adapt and push for improvements is what guarantees future success.

With that in mind, a brand new feature was recently introduced, and it is called Spark Ads. This option allows brands to promote organic content to users, thus reaching a larger number of people and establishing better interaction. Here is why that’s important and how to get started using Spark Ads.

How to use this ad format most effectively?

Brands that are interested in reaching wider communities instantly, now have the Spark Ads option that enables such a thing. This feature can be used by brands to promote the content to users in one of two ways.

The videos can be promoted through In-Feed Ads or be placed as TopView. Depending on your goals and overall budget, both of these options can be very useful. It can allow brands to establish connection to the users without the use of influencers and most importantly, instead of slowly grinding away towards that goal, it can push your content to wider masses in no time at all.

In case you are in need of fast results, or if you simply want to get a leg up on the competition, you might want to explore the Spark Ads more. Not only that your influence can grow quickly, but you can also open the doors to many income opportunities. Still, we’ll dive deeper into that in the next section.

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Spark Ads can help you turn views into customers

The most difficult job in marketing is to gain the attention of the end-users and spark interest in your products and services. Once that seed is planted, the job of making the final sale becomes that much easier.

Brands that use TikTok as their promotional tool are at a great advantage when it comes to gaining the trust of their customers. The fun and engaging nature of this platform is oftentimes the first talking point that can turn complete strangers into clients for years to come. In that way, it serves as a great connecting point between the users and brands.

Captivating content that is boosted through Spark Ads has the possibility to go viral, thus reaching millions of users around the globe and inviting them to join in on the fun, whether through challenges, duet features or in any other way.

Once the content captures the attention of the user, brands can implement the option to direct the viewers towards their profile page, a dedicated landing page and enable the user to start following the original account that posted the video. If used correctly, these options can make a huge difference.

Ads that allow you to clearly define your business objectives

When it comes to marketing, you can never have it all at once. Even the best and most successful campaigns always start off by defining the main objectives and build up from there. Social media apps such as TikTok are a great tool because they allow brands to focus on achieving one goal at a time.

Whether you want to improve brand awareness by extending the reach of your content and boosting the number of overall views or if you aim for increased conversion rates and overall traffic, Spark Ads allow you to set up your strategy in that direction.

Furthermore, if your goal is to improve app install numbers, that can also be achieved. Finally, brands can also focus on creating engagement with the users, which can be a direct path towards establishing a deeper connection to your potential customers and clients. However, it is worth noting that this is still a beta feature, but we have no doubt that it will only improve over time as the algorithms also develop.

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Spark Ads allows the brands and users to work together

One of the best things that separate TikTok from other apps is the community of users who all interact with each other and brands through challenges. When the challenges become viral, brands that know how to steer that attention towards their goals, such as increasing sales numbers or introducing a new service to the audience, can turn in a huge profit.

Sometimes, the original brand content works great, but a user-generated response might actually perform even better. In come the Spark Ads, allowing the brands to boost the content they like through paid campaigns, showing it to audiences around the world.

The only condition is that the original creator and the brands reach an agreement, where the user allows the brand to use their content for promotional services. It can be a match made in heaven, as the user gets to show their content to a wider audience and gain more exposure and followers, while the brands will receive a chance to reap the rewards of their effort.

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