Best TikTok Analytics Tools To Boost Your Performance!

Even with the best and most creative team around you, endless funds for the creation and promotion of your content and businesses, without the right performance information, you’ll be left in the dark as to whether you are doing a good job or not! 

That’s where the data comes in! Who you are talking to, where are they from, how old are they, what’s the right hashtag and which song is currently breaking all the charts are just some of the info that can give you clues on how to set your campaign goals and strategy! Which of your decisions worked and which didn’t comes from gathering data that shows your top-performing pieces of content, growth of your fan base and ratios between investments and results. Are you an influencer, social media manager, owner of a small business or an agency? It doesn’t matter! Analyzing data and reporting is a must these days and the right thing to do if you want to stay on the right track!

And with the right tools at your hands, analyzing social performance can be a breeze! You’ll probably be able to name one or two of those for Instagram or Facebook, but today’s topic is TikTok, a new contender in the social media world! Since TikTok is still considered new in town by some, we foraged the internet in the search for the best analytics tool for this app! Here is our list of the best TikTok Analytic Tools:

tiktok analytics tool

TikTok Analytics

Let’s start with something obvious and easy to do! TikTok analytics is developed by the app itself and allows users to get insights and data about their activity in the period of 7 to 28 days. Don’t get disappointed with the fact that this tool is only available for users with a TikTok Pro account. All you need to do is access your account settings from your profile and go for the account control tab. Right there you’ll find an option to switch to Pro Account. And that’s it!

Now you’ll have the option to see information like video views and profile views, details about your followers and their favorite videos. Learn even more about your content strategy by accessing statistics about total and average watch time, how viewers reached your post and many other demographics about your fan base. It’s more than enough for your start and let’s not forget – free and accessible to anyone.


This amazing tool gives you an opportunity to get insights that can help you detect TikTok influencers and track their overall performance, hashtags, uploaded songs and much more. It’s not reserved for influencers, you can use it to get comprehensive data for any profile, even yours and discover new ways to engage users and grow your fan base. Their three-tier pricing platform also includes a free sign-up and a 7-day trial period trial during which you can test all the options available on the platform, so don’t skip the chance to check it out and see what plans fit best for your use!


With our third recommendation, you can easily check out the popularity of different posts and find out what type attracts the audiences or evaluate the efficiency about the time of posting or used hashtags. With the ability to generate quick reports Popsters will surely make your work more efficient by saving your time and making the analyzing a lot easier for a reasonable price! There’s also an opportunity for testing that lasts 7 days.


This tool is specialized for searching profiles on TikTok. Who needs this? Anybody tired of spending hours and hours searching for relevant influencers for their brand or clients. Another great feature that comes with it, is the ability to get detailed reports in real-time. Searches by hashtags, similar profiles recommendations and filters by locations are some of the features worth mentioning. Heads up, there’s no free trial option for this one.


Started as an Instagram analytics tool, this analytics platform used its knowledge to develop the same thing for a TikTok too. Influencers, social media agencies and marketers just love it! And there are several reasons for that! You can search any TikTok account or hashtag and get in-depth analysis and performance information of your own or competitors’ profiles or hashtags. Basic metrics such as likes, comments, shares and others are displayed in lovely graphs and intuitive dashboards. Also, there’s an option to find out age, gender, location and easily get info about follower authenticity. A free version is available to you, but to get your hands on the best features you’ll have to invest some bucks!

Happy analyzing!

We just scratched the surface of the TikTok Analytics tools that are available, but this should be more than enough to start measuring, tracking and researching your and the performance of your content! With TikTok’s popularity constantly rising, we can expect even better tools for this use in the near future. So there’s no more excuse! Dig in!

If you just don’t like reporting, numbers and graphs, we have a solution for that one, too! You could hire an agency, like us, to do all the dirty work! We just love TikTok, even the reporting, so it’s a win-win situation! Be free to contact our team specialized for TikTok and let’s tweak your efforts in the right direction, together!

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