The Story

To attract new customers, a leading Skincare Brand employs a “skin quiz” as a strategic tool for acquiring new customers. With a strong emphasis on having thousands of users take their daily skin quiz, the brand is highly dedicated to reducing page load times on their website. To enhance website performance and improve user experience, the Skincare Brand set a goal of shifting all their analytics tracking snippets to server-side configurations. Consequently, the CTO of the Skincare Brand made the decision to eliminate all pixels from the Skincare Brand’s website. The removal of the TikTok web pixel resulted in an immediate and notable decline in performance when the TikTok pixel was removed from their site.

The Challenge

The Skincare Brand had integrated the TikTok Events API through, but upon pausing the web pixel and enabling the integration, the number of purchase events recorded in the TikTok advertising platform plummeted by over 90%. Despite this significant drop, the Skincare Brand’s CTO chose not to reintroduce the TikTok web pixel.

The Solution

GrowMojo Analytics and Tracking Team performed an audit to troubleshoot this issue. Upon analyzing the real-time data flow in the TikTok Events Manager and, we observed that the TikTok events API successfully received events. However, it encountered challenges in attributing those events to ad clicks. In the TikTok Events Manager, we discovered the number of unattributed purchases were high, while the number of attributed purchases was concerningly low.

The solution was to manually send TikTok’s click ID (ttclid) URL parameter and then pass it back to during the signup process. GrowMojo helped the Skincare Brand with this implementation.

The Results

As soon as the solution was implemented, the TikTok attributable purchase events significantly increased. The increased number of events being sent back to TikTok helped improve performance significantly and the customer acquisition cost for the Skincare Brand TikTok paid advertising dropped by 50%. As a result, the Skincare Brand continued scaling the campaign budget past $100k per month in TikTok advertising spend in 2022.


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