The Story

Flying Squirrel Sports trampoline parks rank among the largest trampoline park companies in the United States and Canada. To ensure a seamless experience, customers are required to book and pay for reservations in advance. Flying Squirrel Sports relies on Roller Software as their online booking and point of sale system. Flying Squirrel wanted to increase their local attendance at their parks by leveraging paid advertising on Meta and TikTok.

The Challenge

In anticipation of a privacy-focused landscape and a future without cookies, Flying Squirrel Sports recognized the importance of establishing precise tracking mechanisms. In the past, Flying Squirrel Sports depended solely on the Meta web pixel for tracking ad performance. However, with the advent of iOS 14.5 and its impact on tracking capabilities, the Meta web pixel proved to be limited in its ability to provide accurate ad conversion reports. 

Apart from the challenges related to web pixel reporting, effectively targeting trampoline park customers demands a specialized approach due to the unique nature of their niche. Due to the limitations of relying solely on the web pixel, Flying Squirrel Sports faced constraints in capturing and processing a comprehensive range of web and server events. Consequently, this restricted their ability to effectively train the algorithm for precise targeting. To address the struggle of having limited conversion reporting and imperfect targeting, Flying Squirrel Sports engaged GrowMojo to help solve their challenges.

The Solution

Flying Squirrel Sports opted to partner with GrowMojo due to our extensive proficiency in implementing the TikTok Events API and Meta Conversion API. Additionally, our unique expertise in leveraging Zip Code targeting on TikTok further solidifies Flying Squirrel’s competitive edge within the local attractions industry. As a partner of Roller Software, GrowMojo successfully implemented all essential server side APIs, ensuring precise and accurate passing of direct attributed conversion data value across all Flying Squirrel Sports all United States and Canada locations.

The Results

Flying Squirrel Sports has seen the Conversions API help with Meta’s attribution greatly and while onboarding Flying Squirrel on Tiktok, we implemented Events API immediately as we’re aware of its advantages. These integrations not only enable Flying Squirrel to gain deeper insights into their paid advertising performance but also yields notable improvements in overall sales performance results. Excitingly, Flying Squirrel has plans to launch more new locations later this year across the US and Canada, further solidifying their growth trajectory.


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