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Why can’t you stop looking at your TikTok account?

Lots of people dancing? Yes! And there’s some lip-synch involved, that’s true, too. What else? It has something to do with Gen-Z? Well, not quite!

With an astonishing 1.5 billion users in over 150 countries, TikTok currently dominates all the charts in the social media world and leads a new digital revolution, changing the way we see and use our apps!

Thanks to the enormous hype around the world and the headlines in the news, especially in the U.S., you probably heard of TikTok. Also, you couldn’t miss the fact that while you scroll through your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter more and more videos with that unique and recognizable logo are popping up – yes, that’s TikTok, too! 

Based on this, every person thought what’s such a big deal about it? We decided to unravel the truth behind this crucial question and reveal to you what lies in store (Apple or Google play store!) for everyone, no matter the age! Shall we?

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The freshness of content

What’s both important and easy to miss about TikTok is an evolution from a lip-syncing app into the most popular place to be right now. Now, on TikTok you can join a dare-like challenge, get down with the latest dance hits, team-up in duet with your favorite celebrity and create an entirely new meme or joke. Or, you can just sit back, enjoy, learn, cringe or make fun of things. It’s your choice and possibilities are infinite.  TikTok’s primary purpose isn’t to connect or chat with your friends and family. You can if you want to. Instead, users go to TikTok to be entertained or to  entertain – in their unique way. This is what makes the app feel natural, relatable and entertaining. 

Algorithm really knows you

TikTok content is unique in its charming and goofy way, but having tons of content isn’t so unique. It works the same way for Instagram, Facebook and any other social network. That’s the place where TikTok’s algorithm jumps in. While you decide who and what you want to follow, it learns what you like, and even better, what you don’t like! Based on this it generates an endless stream of content just for you, and it’s literally called that way. The rule is simple, the more you scroll, the more personalized your feed will get and feel. What’s really great about this feature is it will show you content you desire to see from users that you don’t follow. So, whether you are interested in immersing into videos of people dressing up, dancing, painting the floor with surgical precision or cutting soap, you’ll get it, every time you open the app!

Easiness of, well, everything!

First of all, it just pulls you in. As soon as you open the app, a video starts playing. Because of the small run time it’s so easy to immerse oneself into the endless scroll. You won’t get a feeling of wasting your time if you watch the video until the end and if you don’t like it, just swipe down and go to the next one! And thus, you never wanna stop. There’s always time for another short video!

Compared to other platforms, it’s such a piece of cake to make a video on TikTok. Want to dance hands-free? No problem. Want to experiment with transitions, sounds and music like a pro? Sure, still within one single app! A plethora of effects, sounds, personalized filters saves so much of the user’s time for video editing. Also, makes it so easy to do exactly what you want, and how you want it!

On TikTok, numbers are still important, but in a different way. The algorithm recognizes engaging content and creates more space for them to be seen. This means that the app allows even those with a small number of followers to “go viral“ and become sensations overnight! If the content is relevant, entertaining, makes people engage –  the video will get even more exposure, more room on “For You“ pages of users and a chance to become viral! Easy, right?


A combination of algorithms, various social factors like trends, meme culture, diverse content and a new form of entertainment – mix a small portion of these factors together and you get one super addictive app – TikTok!

Even though we’ve tried to cover all key elements that make TikTok so successful and loved by so many people, the only real way to see what we talk about and truly understand TikTok is to give it a try! It takes just a few scrolls and you will be in a rabbit hole! Better yet, you won’t want to go back out of it!

Also, if you think of TikTok as a great opportunity for your brand to shine, consider hiring a specialized TikTok marketing agency like GrowMojo! We will leave you to enjoy all the good stuff that comes with TikTok while we create an approach for your business to stand out in a professional and timely manner.  Feel free to contact us and with the help of our team get the best out of your brand on TikTok in no time!

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