Learn from the best: 5 brands with amazing content on TikTok!

As one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world, short-form mobile video platform is transforming how we see and consume content. Unlike anything before, the platform is a place where creativity and fun come to life in so many different ways! 

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Being a global sensation and breaking tons of records along the way, TikTok made itself impossible to ignore by big brands and marketers from around the world. Many of them are willing and trying to grab a piece of the pie and leverage on the latest social media craze – but, there is a catch!

TikTok has completely different rules for brands compared to its competitors. Here, traditional advertising guidelines do not apply and brands must behave in the same manner users do in order to connect with their audience. That means brands have to create fun, playful and amusing content while telling their story in order to get noticed.   

With that in mind, TikTok will give any brand amazing options for creative storytelling and marketing opportunities. And if you need proof if this works, we prepared the overview of brands leading the pack – let’s have a look at the most successful brands and their approaches on TikTok! 

  1. San Diego Zoo

Having a zoo full of cute animals should be enough to have a presence on any social network, right? Sure, but, with the example of the San Diego Zoo, we can say that even cute animals video can be taken a step further on TikTok.

Choosing entertainment as their prime goal, San Diego Zoo found a perfect match by combining videos of animals with a fitting music background to create and keep their base of 1.7 million loyal followers engaged.

Also, they always stay up-to-date with trends on the network and continually post videos related to latest hashtag challenges and songs in a distinctive, unique and funny way.

Here you can see what makes San Diego Zoo really stand out and have more than 19 million likes!


Ever feel like you are being watched? ? ? ? ?

♬ original sound – ollie
  1. Chipotle

As a brand that has a great history of social media presence, it wasn’t a surprise that Chipotle was the first fast-food chain to enter the uncharted territories of TikTok. 

Using their content to draw attention to the promotions in their stores, Chipotle with unique hashtag challenges became an instant sensation from the very beginning. Everything started with the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge, and after that came even more engaging campaigns such as #GuacDance and #Boorito.

Chipotle certainly managed to create awareness and attract their customers to their TikTok page, having 1.3 million followers at the moment. Since then, the brand is serving awesome content for its fans and keeps creating a buzz around seasonal events, turning brand love into sales in a unique and exquisite style.


Should we serve these? @pablorochat #chipotle #diy #fyp

♬ original sound – Chipotle
  1. Washington Post

Few would expect one newspaper, serious and stern, such as The Washington Post as a good example of the presence on the TikTok platform. But they are doing a pretty good job!

While sharing posts about the latest news is reserved for their other social networks, their content on TikTok is strictly oriented on entertainment and humor. With tons of skits and behind-the-scenes videos The Washington Post found a way to tell the story about the company’s culture and all the fun things going on in this serious business. Authentic content always has a perfect song that follows it and it shows with their followers count!

  1. NBA

The NBA was one of the pioneers on TikTok and a great example that you can give each of your social networks a different role and still be able to nail it in a unique style. You want news? Go to Twitter. You want highlights? There’s Instagram? You want fun, comedy, challenges and motivation? Welcome to the NBA TikTok profile!

Yes, the NBA has an enormous pool of superstars. But using them with all the best features that TikTok brings to its users is the reason why the NBA managed to rack up an astonishing 11.8 million fans on the app.

Players are just a part of their content. Videos featuring mascots, babies, fans and half-time shows are what makes the NBA one of the best-performing brands on TikTok.


Watch out for mascots holding popcorn because this usually happens ?? #mascotmonday #funny @timberwolves

♬ Oops!…I Did It Again – Britney Spears
  1. Gushers

Creating great, relevant content can get you far, with no need to splash the cash to make and force everybody to see it afterward. If you know what your audience wants and you bring it to the platform, be sure you’ll make fantastic results in an organic way!

Another great example of that approach is Gushers, a brand which hit the 5 million views mark with their very first video on the platform. In just 4 weeks, with memorable and quirky style of videos they managed to grow their fans numbers to a staggering 150K. Take a look at video that helped Gushers build their community from the scratch and take some notes!

Think, behave and create like a true TikToker is a lesson for today in a nutshell. Exploring the platform and doing research may look like a nasty piece of work but finding your distinctive style and tone of communication through testing the platform will surely bring a lot of fun and long-term success. Also, consider hiring a specialized TikTok marketing agency like GrowMojo and take your TikTok presence a step further instantly. Feel free to contact them and with the help of our team get the best out of your brand on TikTok in no time!

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