Lydia grew her Franchise to
over 50 locations in 3 years!

Lydia leads one of the fastest growing franchise brands in the United States today. Interested in knowing how she grew so fast? You should watch the the 3 min video to the right… it tells you exactly how she did it.

When we first met Lydia she was frustrated with closing only 1 new franchise location per month, but after we integrated our custom franchise leads engine, she is now getting over 120 qualified leads per month and closing 5 new franchise locations every month! (even during these tough economic times)

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Watch video (only 3 min): This is Lydia’s story on how she grew her franchise brand to 50 locations in 3 years. *Disclaimer / Note: Lydia and the STAROS story is a fictitious example to help protect the identity of our real franchise clients.

We Deliver Quality Franchise Leads!
Not Impressions, Clicks & Other Vanity Metrics

A Franchisor Marketing Company

Why You Should Partner up with GrowMojo?

We focus on getting you Franchise Leads who want to buy!

Not on impressions, clicks and other vanity metrics.

We deliver quality results.

On average, our clients get more than 100 qualified franchise leads per month.

We’re a team of marketers who have expert Franchise experience!

We’ve grown some of the most well known franchise brands from their first location until they get acquired (100+ locations). Ask us about some of the franchise brands we’re partnered with today!

We’re data driven & transparent.

You’ll have the visibility into our data, successes & failures.

Proven & Repeatable 5-Step Process We’re Using to Grow Your Franchise Company

The process above shows the typical marketing strategy for our franchisee clients. Actual strategies are personalized based on business size, target audience, business goals and many more factors.


Data & audience analysis

We analyze your franchise lead data and understand your ideal customer profile. We also run a series of on-page surveys to better understand what makes prospective franchises want to buy your franchise.


Implementing quick wins

We audit the your franchise website for quick wins by fixing leaks in your marketing funnel, improving conversion rate, SEO, videos, and user experience (especially on mobile phones)


Multi-channel ad campaigns

We start running multi-channel franchise marketing campaigns personalized for each step of your customer’s journey. Depending on your product, we like to kick things off with a sequential video advertising campaign (which is terrific for educating new audiences on the benefits of your franchise opportunity.)


Asset development

Based on our finidings from step 1 we
start creating all necessary franchise assets used
for future website elements, ad
campaings & emails ( copy, video
& design)


Testing & learning

We constantly test, learn, and iterate across the whole franchise lead generation funnel with the goal of beating the previous month’s total lead count (and quality score). At the end of each month, we send a detailed video report (see next section for example)

Every month, you’ll get a Franchise Leads Video Report. See the Example Report below!

This is the example franchise video report our clients get each month. They’re recorded by Peter, our Head of Growth!

Disclaimer / Note: Lydia and the STAROS story is a fictitious example to help protect the identity of our real franchise clients.

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GrowMojo Franchise Marketing Leadership Team

From custom franchise marketing videos to custom franchise analytics dashboards, we take pride in bringing the cutting edge to our franchise partners

Kendall Fargo


Peter Brown

Head of Customer Success

Ljubica Marjanovic

Social Media Marketing Manager

Vladimir Bestic

Senior customer acquisition manager

Bojana Ilic

Marketing Communication Manager

Get the same Free Franchise Marketing Plan that Lydia got!

franchise marketing leads

Get My Free Franchise Marketing Plan!

* Lydia and the STAROS story is a fictitious example to help protect the identity of our real franchise clients. This information is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise program. It is for informational purposes only. Lead results information represents an example of client results from 2017 – 2020. Results may differ from the represented performance.